How To Get Free Xbox Live Codes in 2018

Internet is full of websites that claim to offer free Xbox Live Codes. But do they actually work? To find out about this I am gonna go through all the random websites that I might come across Google while searching for free Xbox live codes. I am gonna put all the generated codes obtained from all these websites and try them into my account and see if they work or not. I have done this before with Clash Royale Gems Generator but was not able to find anything working with that. Let’s hope I find working Xbox live codes.

Searching Free Xbox Live Codes on Google

So I started  Xbox Live so that I can check the validity of these free Xbox Live codes to see if they work or not In this part Google we’re basically as you can see I already started so Xbox Live. I am choosing this keyword as I believe this is the exact keyword that will give me lots of results. As anticipated google yielded 73,800,000 results which made me curious to start and testing the websites that claim to give free Xbox live codes and let’s see what I get.

Xbox live codes google result

  • Google 1st Result:

1st result

On opening the website it asked me to enter my Gamertag. After entering my gamertag I hit go and it started getting my unlocking code

freecodesxxx checking code

It says free Xbox live codes but I have to complete crazy offers really okay to get free Xbox codes. So I clicked on one of the surveys which say get Fortnight, it’s better to read all the terms conditions as in most of the cases it usually ends up costing. The offer was similar as I needed to buy the Game. You guys should also be aware of these survey completion website as they are highly insecure and may contain viruses.

Outcome: Fake and doesn’t work.

  • Google 2nd Result:

Let’s try the second google result that claims to generate free Xbox live codes maybe this one. Since it claims to be completely free so I though tI will give a  chance t this website. Let’s see if it works or not. This website just generates random free Xbox codes so I am gonna paste the codes and test them whether they work or not. So I entered them and it showed code not found and hence I tried entering another code a try. But it didn’t work as well. So I concluded that this website randomly generates Xbox live codes that don’t work.

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Outcome: The website randomly generates codes that don’t work.

  • Google 3rd Result:

medialateral xbox live codes

This website seems simple I didn’t have to enter my Game tag or anything but just simply generate code. So I thought of giving it a try. I hit the Generate code button and it generated Xbox live code but I didn’t know whether it was real or not so I opened my Microsoft account to see if these code work or not. And as I expected the code didn’t work. This site was also fake and scamming people. It didn’t generate any code but just generate random codes.

Outcome: Website generates random codes which don’t work.

  • Google 4th Result:

codes and keys free xbox live codes

So when I opened this site the step 1 asked me what PSN code you want? Which I am sure they know that they are Xbox live codes, not Playstation. So, I simply thought to get out of this website but I am gonna try some codes anyways because I haven’t found yet a single working Xbox live code generator. So I clicked one of the coupons that says Get Xbox Live code but was directed to spam page asking me to complete a survey and quite other links opened on their own. So here is a piece of advice if you are looking for these type of paid things that comes free then you should have a good anti-virus installed or else you may end up running your pc.

Outcome: Fake website with some spammy link embedded.

  • Google 5th Result:


The website looked real and pretty professional. It says are you looking for free Xbox Live codes? So I thought of giving it a try. I decided to enter the generator and it asked me to share the website on social media to continue. This hint was good enough to give up on this website as I am looking for free codes and not some promotion stuff.

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Outcome: Another fake website.

  • Google 6th Result:

The website seems pretty easy and understandable. No spammy links and ads. The first gave the description of the Xbox live code generator its features and how it works. So, I thought of giving this website the last try and see if they give free codes or not. I clicked on getting Free Xbox code and I was redirected to a new page which looked like the image below.

I am sure this will also redirect me to some survey site which will not reveal any Xbox Live code. But still, give it a try so I choose my country and entered my username. And as expected got redirected to a survey site.

Outcome: Will redirect you to a survey site.

Searching Free Xbox Live Codes on YouTube

After failing to find any working Xbox code on youtube. I thought there may be some video tutorial that may give me free Xbox live codes. So I turned my search to youtube. And to my surprise, all the videos that claimed to provide free Xbox live code were all fake. None of the methods worked.


Now I have talked about the websites and methods that you need to stay away. I will be talking about some legit way to get Free Xbox live codes.

  • Create a New Xbox Account and Get A Month Trial for Xbox Live

Let me guide you how to get started:

  1. Firstly you need to sign up for a free Microsoft Account.
  2. Now login to your account and choose the Gold- 1 Month free trial and click Next.
  3. You need to enter your credit card number in order to successfully register.
  4. Enter all your billing information and click next.
  5. Follow the sign-up process to complete.

Keep in mind the following things so don’t you get your free trial.

  • Your Xbox Live Membership is valid with only one Gamertag.
  • Make sure to enter the country and location correctly in the billing information.
  • Make sure to cancel the membership before the first month expires so that you don’t get charged after one month.
  • Buy Xbox Live Codes from Microsoft Storebuy microsoft xbox live codes

You can buy digital Xbox live code from Microsoft Website by visiting: Xbox Live Code. You can buy the Xbox live Gold either for 1 Month or 3 Months or 12 Months all depends on your need.

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Now let me tell you how to redeem the Xbox live code that you bought.

From Xbox one console

  1. From the home screen scroll right to Store
  2. Now under categories, select game
  3. Select use a code or Xbox use code and if prompted to sign in.
  4. Now enter the 25 character code in the space provided.

From Web Browser

  1. In the browser go to Redeem Code and sign in.
  2. After sign in click redeem and enter the 25 character code that you bought.
  • Activate trial Xbox Live Membership for a Month

This method will work only if you have not activated Xbox Live membership for your account before. If you want to know whether you are eligible to get a free month of the Xbox Gold accounts then follows the following procedure.

  1. Logging into your subscription page and you should automatically see Gold-1 Month Free Trial pop up.
  2. Just click in the free month trial and click next.
  3. When asked to enter your credit card number and all the billing information.
  4. Keep on following the wizard process and you will get your Xbox live gold membership for a month. Keep in mind that this will be on auto-renew. So make sure to deactivate your free trial before it charges you.
  • Join Communities

There are so many online communities that you can join to get free Xbox live codes. So I am gonna talk about those communities for a while. Reddit is an excellent spot to find giveaways and information. There are so many threads about games cheats and gift cards.. So just go through the following below subreddits related to Xbox and Xbox live codes and keep an eye on them. I am sure you will get free Xbox live codes someday.


Instead of getting fooled by survey sites and getting yourself scammed. it is advised that you buy the Xbox live membership. There are so many legit ways you can get the membership for free. The codes are also not so expensive and are worth a shot.

If you got scammed by any website while searching for free Xbox live codes than you can share it with me by commenting below and I will add it in my list. Or if you got any other working method to get free Xbox live code then also share them with me by commenting below.