How to Earn Money from Home by Writing Articles: 7 Tips

My name is Kenneth Waldman and I am a professional writer. Maybe you would like to become a successful writer and then business man? Then keep reading, because I have several secrets I want to share with you and tell you how to Earn Money from Home

According to several studies in the field, more and more people choose to become freelance writers. They leave their day jobs, and try to find a way of living through writing and earning money from home. You don’t necessarily have to be a born writer in order to become successful in this field. If you have even the slightest passion for writing, if you are quite a creative person, you could easily become a successful writer.How to Earn Money from HomeThe truth is, just like with any other profession, you need to build your career from the bottom upwards. You will start by working on lower paid projects and working many times during the night to finish the project by the deadline. Then, in about 1 or two years you will gain the needed experience to earn more per hour or per page. As long as you communicate well with clients, adhere to their needs and requirements and ensure to provide original content each time…you can pursue a very nice career in this direction and start earning money from home.

Check out below 7 tips on how to earn money online from writing.

Signing up with Freelancing websites

There are many freelancing or “crowd sourcing” websites available out there that could prove very useful for someone starting a career in writing. Web portals such as Elance, Freelancer, UpWork or even CrowdSpring represent a good starting point. All you need to do is sign up, become a member, and then create your profile. The more detailed your profile is, the higher the chances of getting hired quickly for some writing projects.

Check out these websites to earn money online, and start browsing among the writing jobs posted. Some of the most frequent writing jobs include: article writing, SEO article writing, blog post writing, marketing copy writing, or even tagline/slogan writing.

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Cooperation with writing services

There are writing services companies that are constantly looking for fresh talent to hire. These writing companies offer solutions such as: essay writing service, college application writing service, Dissertation/Thesis writing service and more. The services are offered to college students who do not have the time or the skills to complete such assignments on their own.

One such reputable essay writing service you could consider can be found at essay writing service As a freelance writer professional myself, I collaborate with this company. I write essays but also blog posts and different college assignments especially in the Literature field. Depending on your academic background, you could also work on a wide spectrum of assignments through this company.

Guest posting

Another way to earn money online as a freelance writer is to write guest posts. There are quite a few reputable blogs out there, whose owners simply do not have the time to post fresh content several times a week. These owners then hire the services of a freelance writer to create different guest posts for them. The blog owner will create a list with requirements for the blog posts- main title, editing rules, number of words needed, pictures that need to be inserted- and then send it to the  writer.

Then, the writer checks this list carefully and will start writing as per the requirements. Sometimes the writer has to upload the posts through the WordPress portal of the blog, while at other times this task is performed by the owner himself. Some really good blogs that pay even up to $200 per blog post include:,,, or

Revenue Sharing websites

Plenty of important online portals of news, entertainment or specific niche sites are actually revenue sharing sites. What does this mean? If you are really good at writing in a specific niche, you will be invited to write on that topic. You need to write an article or a blog post, and then the site owner pays you a certain percentage from the revenues. The greater the popularity of your article, the higher you will earn money online .

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Writers can get paid even up to 70% of the revenues, which is quite an important amount. You just need to make sure to provide unique, original and interesting content that is 100% free from grammatical and stylistic mistakes. Some of the sites will have you write a test article first, while some will allow you to publish directly your article. Some good revenue sharing sites you can try your luck at include the following:,, or

Instant Write & Pay Sites

These are the types of websites where you only need to perform a very quick signup, and you can already start browsing among projects. Clients from all over the world post their job requirements online, and you can access these jobs as a list. You will select one project that you want to work on, write it and then get paid.

Things are not so easy because first, you will need to gain a good ranking in order to access the higher paid jobs. In the beginning, you need to start working on projects that pay lower, in order to work your way up to success. Once you have a good ranking from clients, and your general feedback is positive as well, you can start making more and more earn money online. Such fixed rate pay sites that you should check out include:,, or

Starting our own Website/Blog

This type of writing work takes the longest. However, this is also the type of work that you can call your own. You will not write for others, but write for yourself and earn money online from home. Simply start a website or a blog on a topic that you are really good at . You can start blogs and sites for free, but the most important requirement is hard work in order to attract traffic.

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To get people to like you, good content is essential. You also need to update your blog regularly and create new posts at least 3 times a week. Otherwise, people will not check your site as often, and you will lose revenue. According to the best-paid bloggers out there, it takes minimum 6 months or sometimes even one year of heavy work until you can finally see the results. But then, you are making passive income, and you are earning money online from writing about what you really love. You can basically earn money online through the many ads sites such as Google AdSense, BuySellAds or Infolinks.

Make money through affiliate marketing writing

If you are looking for a flexible venture, where you can write and earn money online you should consider affiliate marketing. What you basically do, is choose your most favorite companies/ brands out there and start promoting their products and services. For example, if you love Nike as a brand than you can work to promote their clothing line.

You will have to write engaging posts, and basically, drive traffic to their main website through your articles/links/landing pages. There are many niche websites available online, where you can access entire affiliate marketing programs. You just need to choose what you like, sign up for the program and start writing/promoting. Some top affiliate networks include:, ClickBank,, or


These are only a few of the best ways to start making some real money through writing. You need to be careful, because there are quite many scams available online. I know this from experience, sadly. Sign up to different sites and programs only after you have carefully read the requirements, and the terms & conditions.

Start earning money online smartly, and don’t rush to sign up with an offer too good to be true. You can earn money online through writing, but this is not a get rich overnight scheme. It takes plenty of time, skills, creativity and passion to build your great career as an online writer.

Did I missed anything ? Do share your thought on how to Earn Money from Home!