How To Make Website Secure by following 5 Golden Rules in 2018

As the technology is getting advanced, the risk of insecurity is also on the rise. This kind of threat is not new to the cyber world. There are so many cases, as reported by Ransomware, there are around few millions of infections reported.  Even, this year 2018 is expected to face security threats. So, there is a definite need for safeguarding the sites using various secure ways. Let us discuss the five best safe methods for securing the site.

Let’s have a look on how to make website secure:

1. Proper Usage

There are so many potential threats to the cyber world. In such a scenario, the user needs to use the sites appropriately. In other words, no malware will come directly, but it will definitely take the mask of some attractive like ads, link and such. So the user needs to be cautious in clicking on such attractive. Usage of the site needs to do safely with some basic understanding of such threats.

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Though the system may be protected using any of the antivirus protection, it might not be cent percent protection. There may be a chance that the potentially infectious agents penetrate the antivirus protection and affect the system. In order to such kind of attacks, it is advisable to use the site appropriately.

2. Regular Up gradation of the Computer

Updating the computer is mandatory indeed. Though, if you do not use any harmful websites or any such, the system may get damaged without any reasons. Finding the reason for such a damage is simple, its nothing but the lack of regular upgradation of the computer. This is very much important because the various infectious agents are very potential that they find the ways to penetrate the existing protection system. so in such a scenario, only the upgradation of the system with the latest updates will secure your system. Without such upgradation, it is almost not possible to stop the attack of the infectious agents into the system.

3. Using Protective like Antivirus and Anti-malware

Out of the various things which have to be done for sure for protecting the system is to use the security software’s like antivirus and antimalware software’s. This is the very basic thing which has to be done because, though the infectious agent may or may not penetrate the security software, the system itself should not welcome the treating agent. Any system without any security software is like welcoming the unwanted threats to the system.

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Also, while using the security software’s it is very much important to know how to use, i.e., the technicalities. It is said that using two antivirus and antimalware software is not suggestible. So, it needs to be one antivirus and one antimalware software’s need to be used. Some will say not to use both at a time. but it is believed that instead of multi antivirus and antimalware software, it is good to use only one.

4. Using Virtual Private Server

Privacy is as important as security. It’s not only important to have security, but at the same, it is really important to give preference to privacy. Usage of VPN works by concealing the IP address which will help in making the user’s detail safe. It will make the user appear as anonymous. If a user is using VPN, it will make the user appear like the user is using it from a different location.

Also, usage of VPN helps in protecting the data of the user, the incoming and the outgoing data used by the user is encrypted, so that no one else sees it.

Usage of VPN is good to have privacy, at the same time, the user needs to take care of the VPN provider which the user is using. It is not always advisable to use free VPNs. Also, usage of VPN should not be made for doing nasty things. All the activities of the user are watched by the VPN provider where he or she is watched for the various kinds of activities which they are doing, if the VPN provider finds any misusage, then they can file a case against the user.

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5. Do not Allow Third Party Plugins to stay in your system, if you are not using

Knowingly or unknowingly, people may be using lot many third party plugins. If you are not using the third party plug-in, immediately disable it. Having such plugin is not at advisable. One example for such third party plugin is the Adobe Flash player.  The various cybercriminals are taking the user of such third party plug-in’s to introduce malware which can potentially damage your system. if the user is not using any such third party plug-in ’s, then he or she should not wait for anything. Just disable such plug-in for safeguarding the system’s data without any damage.

If you got any other method by which you make your website secure or know how to make website secure than do let us know by commenting below.