How to track Adsense Check

Adsense is the most popular ad provider that every blogger wants to join..we even became very excited
when we reaches to our very first Google Adsense minimum threshold i.e $100 or above ..Most of us even gets worried on when will they receive there check so here is a post for all of us who want to know how they can track Google Adsense check (whether it has dispatched or not and when will we receive our check).

How to track Adsense Check


  1. Go to your Adsense account and select Payments available in the left navigation menu.
  2. Now,copy the Payment Number as highlighted in the image below,copy the payment number without 0 i.e copy only 12345678.

Payment number

3. Goto Bluedart site and select Ref no from the left menu as shown in image below.

      4. Enter your payment number that you have copied earlier in the box provided and press GO.


  1. You can also track your Check from Tracking number(Waybill).You can find your Tracking number just below Payment No.It’s look like this BlueDart23654245165
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Note:  Generally Adsense Take (6-8 Days ) for Uploading Tracking Number. So you can use Method 1 to Track  your Check Status.

      2. Now just go to Blue dart website and Enter click the radio button besides Waybill and paste our Tracking Number and Click on GO.You status will be shown.

Note:  Google dispatches Check between 1st to 10th month ..SO please wait for few days if the info is not updated.