Human vs Technology- What we need to know?

If you have ever watched the Terminator movie, then you have a good idea what this topic is discussing. The movie and other similar arts will reach a point when the technological advancement of man will outgrow him. Some people estimate that this could be as close as in the next thirty years. At that time, human beings will have become antiques.

human vs technology

Will there be a conflict?

In the movies, the creators always present human beings being in conflict with the machines. However, this outcome is unlikely to occur. For one, technological advancements would not have any reason to be in conflict with humans; if they were to be as advanced as it is thought. Then it is safe to assume human being will be able to reason their way out of any misunderstanding and avert any conflict that might arise between them and machines. Even in human society, violence is mostly associated with less intelligent people.

What role will people play?

One thing that is for certain is that people will have to adapt to new types of jobs. In the future, it is quite clear that machines will do most of the jobs. This will make it hard for you to find a job you can do anywhere. For instance, most people who work in car assembly points have already lost their jobs to robots.

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In some cases, an entire production line only requires the presence of one person. However, this should not present a loss for humanity. The only thing people have to do is adapt. For instance, people can train themselves on how to repair these machines. Also, it will mean that the Universities have to offer more technology based courses. Right now, the people with the technical know-how are still very few. Consequently, despite the claim that technology could outpaced humanity, there are very few people working towards this goal. It is the high time for the human to start figuring out the best way to survive in the new environment.

Is singularity a thing?

Regarding physics, the singularity is the term used to describe what happens inside a black hole. In such a point, the pull of gravity is so powerful that it bends every known rule of physics. In this singularity, even the light bends.

Regarding technology, the singularity is the point where the A.I. becomes self-aware. It is thought that code writers will one day be able to create something that can write its code. This will present a great opportunity for the future of technological advancement. At such a point, machines will be able to create their parts and design themselves. At that point, every other invention before then will become obsolete. This is what some people fear. However, it does not have to be a source of fear. It will simply represent the advancement of humanity.

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Will the definition of human change?

As people continue to advance, their reliance on technology continues to grow. One day in future, people will be so involved with technology such that it will be hard to tell them apart. Essentially, a thinking A.I. will just be part of the human mind. It will represent an extension of the person rather than a tool for the person to use.

There are those who fear for what that means for a human being. Also, as technology advances, there are those who can use it better than others are. These people are thus able to advance economically, which leaves everyone else out thus presenting the question of inequality. As of now, technology is widening the gap between the rich and the poor. Those who are unable to adapt are being left behind. For you to remain at the top of the game, you have to embrace technology and be able to adopt the changes that come with it.

The likely future

Hollywood films have a tendency of presenting a state of dystopia about humans and technology. This is a notion that needs to be challenged. No one knows exactly the impact this tends to have on the advancements of technology. Also, it makes it harder for technology to penetrate in poor regions of the world thus leaving some regions to lag behind regarding development.

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The future of humanity largely depends on the technical advancement. As of now, waiting for humans to evolve into better beings serves no purpose. There is the need for a more united effort in developing technology since most technological advancements has positive results for humanity. It is essential that these efforts be pooled to make the process take place much faster. For instance, the Internet was started as a secret military project. It has since grown to change the world in unimaginable ways.