Kotlin Android Tutorial to build your own Android Apps

Android Oreo is the latest Android version. It was made available to the public in August 2017. Some of the features of the Android Oreo are; picture in picture support for video, support for auto fillers, wide color gamuts, battery usage optimization etc.

Apart from the basic features of the Android Oreo, there are other features of the Android Oreo which are very compatible with features of Kotlin as far as Android App development is concerned. Some of these features include; font support in ML, emoji compatibility, auto-sizing Text View, and fonts that are downloadable.

Kotlin Android Tutorial to build your own Android Apps

As a result of the compatibility of features of Android Oreo and features of Kotlin, offering Android App development services making use of Android Oreo with Kotlin is much easier than building the same app with Android Oreo and Java.

About Kotlin

Kotlin is a programming language which was designed to be made use of in Android App development. Here is a wonderful post on  Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android which you may like. With kotlin, you can offer Android App development services by just paying attention and adhering to the instructions that are contained in this article.

Kotlin was introduced to the general public in 2016. Not very long after it was introduced, it became integrated with the Android Studio third version. At the release of this programming language, a lot of programmers were not very sure of the advantages of this plugin and all that it had to offer. In spite of this, quite a number of people decided to give a try with very insignificant projects.

Now, the programming language, Kotlin might be relatively new. However, the ease with which it can be used is a major reason why it is taken very seriously. The many amazing features of Kotlin makes it very easy to make use of by inexperienced programmers.So here is another great post which can help you To Make iOS App Without Coding Skills .As a result of this, it is now the “go to” programming language for Android App development.

This programming language was built by Jetbrains and was designed to run smoothly on Android Studio as well as intelliJ. As soon as it is successfully installed, a user can either choose to cook up a fresh project on Android or decide to add something to a project that is already in existence.

Kotlin was made Android’s official language in 2017, 10 years after Android became an open source. Since becoming Androids official language, kotlin has made the building of Android apps easier than they used to be.

The arrival of Kotlin has helped in the tackling of everyday problems that are faced by programmers. Some of these problems include; the really long codings that are associated with the use of Java as well as runtime expressions.

As a result of the simplicity which Kotlin brings to the table, it has become really easy for beginners to build their own Android applications without having so much knowledge.

Below are some tips that can be used in developing your own android app with the android Oreo with Kotlin.

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How to Design a new Project with Kotlin

Starting a new development with Kotlin is not difficult in any way. To get started, all you need to do is click on file and select a “New Project”. As soon as this is done, the next thing to do is give your new project a name and pick the SDK version for Android that has already been installed.

Here is a complete Guide for Android Kotlin which is very helpful.
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The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course
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Lazy Loading

Lazy loading comes with quite a number of benefits. One of them is that it brings about a more rapid startup time. With this, when building apps with Kotlin using android Oreo, you can cut short the app startup time. With this, the user of the app can see the contents of the app faster than they would if lazy loading was not made use of.

Apart from lazy loading helping the content of an app appear more rapidly, it is also very good for the memory of the mobile device.

Making Use of Lambdas

Lambdas can be made use of in diminishing the number of code lines in a particular source file. Although the concept of Lambdas was not introduced with Kotlin, Kotlin has taken this concept much better by making sure that Retrolambda does not show up

Collection Filtering

When making something with the use of API, there are quite a number of collections that you will have to deal with. More often than not, you might want to change the content of the collection. Well, this can be easily achieved with the use of Kotlin collection filtering. After making this a reality, you can also make your code very neat and clear as well as make it straight to the point.

Companion Object

When Kotlin is looked at initially, it appears that some methods, as well as variables, are missing. While Kotlin might not have some concepts, it possesses companion objects. Companion objects are basically singleton objects in a class. They contain the methods as well as variables that you might need to access in a static style. With companion objects, detailed methods and constants are allowed.

Global Constants

With the use of Kotlin, one can easily define constants that measure across a whole app in one position. All things being equal, constants should have their scopes reduced as much as possible. However, when looking to make a scope global one of the ways to make this happen is through the use of Kotlin.

Customs Getters/Setters

With Kotlin’s custom getters and setters, the structure of a model can be made use of. However, for this to work successfully, the custom behavior that will set and get the fields will have to be specified. When you are making use of custom models for such frameworks as the Parse SDK, the values that you are deriving are kept and then retrieved in some specific way.


Kotlin offers programmers both experienced and inexperienced alike a proper working platform that is devoid of complications. Although when a beginner has no idea on how to make use of Kotlin in building an app, it might seem complex. However, with the above instructions at your fingertips, building an app with kotlin can be very easy.