30 Top Notch Magazine WordPress Themes For Your Website

At a time when thousands of magazine sites come into existence every single day, you need to be extra cautious regarding the overall appearance and design of your web publication. The efforts you put towards improving its layout will undoubtedly translate into higher search engine rankings and traffic boost in the coming days. So, leave no stone unturned when it comes to designing your site.

There are two ways in which you can forge ahead. Either take charge of WordPress coding and revamp your site’s structure or install a customized WordPress theme that’s equipped with all the latest features. The second way is more practical and consumes lesser time than the first one. So, instead of trying to make all the changes by yourself, go ahead look for a relevant magazine WordPress magazine theme that can transform your site’s design.

To save your time and make the search hassle-free, we have prepared a list of 30 top-notch magazine WordPress themes that most professionals prefer to have on their sites. Check out them and opt for the one that fits the bill in the best possible manner.

1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is an elegantly designed super fast magazine theme. It is fluid responsive, WooCommerce compatible and fully SEO ready. Along with these essential features, this theme is equipped with a tempting design, three header layouts, three post layouts, page loading animation, beautiful social icons, unique shopping section, an eye-catching About Me widget, and AdSense ready design. With Lifestyle theme installed on your site, there is nothing else that you’ve to worry about when it comes to Google rankings and user engagement.lifestyle

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2. Bridge

Bridge is a leading multipurpose theme for sites exploring different niches such as health, viral, news, technology, sports, blogging, etc. It comes with inbuilt support for WooCommerce, different device screens, and search-engine ranking parameters. The bridge has 99% performance grade and less than 800 ms loading time on Pingdom. It is loaded with multiple layouts, a fantastic Featured Area, unique subscriber widget for email opt-ins, beautiful social media icons & a search box, parallax scrolling, advanced theme options panel, Google fonts support, unlimited color options and much more.


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3. Click Mag

It is a beautifully designed and fully responsive theme that can transform your site’s appearance easily. Even after such amazing features, Click Mag is very lightweight and works fine on different devices. It comes with a broad range of freebies, such as Theia Post Slider, Reviewer Plugin, and Theia Sticky Sidebar, etc. If all these features were not enough, Click Mag supports WooCommerce just in case you wish to set up your e-commerce store. Some other functions include Continue Reading Button, 3 Featured Posts layouts, unlimited ad units, custom widgets, rich snippets and what not. It is a perfect theme for your entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, gadget review, health, sports or e-commerce website.


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4. Maximalism

It is a responsive theme with world-class features like custom colors, sidebar widgets, valid CSS + HTML, search engine optimization, multi-browser compatibility, lifetime updates and product support, and easy installation process.


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5. Digezine

This theme is ideally suited for news portals covering topics such as entertainment, lifestyle, technology, travel, sports, etc. If you intend to give your site a fabulous look without compromising user-friendliness, then you should go for Digezine. It’s powered by a neat design and eye-catching layouts to ensure all the visitors are hooked on your brand the moment they land on your site. On top of these features, Digezine’s inbuilt social sharing options can get you a lot of social signals without putting any extraordinary effort. Overall, it’s a must-have theme for those WordPress sites that have the potential to go viral and attract tens of thousands of users every single day.

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6. NewsTimes

Regardless of how many upgrades the SEO industry goes through, news niche will always perform well. Just in case you have a site publishing latest news and updates about fashion, tech, health, finance, sports, entertainment, lifestyle or any other topic for that matter, NewsTimes is a perfect theme to try. It’s an attractively designed, pixel perfect and fully responsive theme including clean codes, SEO friendly structure, hand-written CSS3 & HTML and much more. NewsTimes can give your site an eye-catching look without compromising the site speed and user behavior.


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7. Radians

Should you want to keep your focus intact on typography, content, and ease of use, then opt for a minimalist and lightweight theme like Radians. It is a magazine style theme that can provide you all these features without compromising the designing part. Radians is ideal for sites covering topics such as tech, fashion, food, travel, etc.


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8. Tabloid

It is one of the fastest and gorgeous themes specifically designed for news and magazine websites. There are no niche specific requirements, which means that as long as you want to have a beautiful and fully responsive theme installed on your site, you can go ahead with Tabloid without any second thought. It is clean, multipurpose, and has endless color combinations to get desired outcomes regarding site layout.


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9. Newsider

One of the factors that affect rankings of all the sites, especially the ones that cover daily breaking news related to different sectors is their loading time. Even a slight delay can cost a website first-page ranking and a significant amount of organic traffic. If you don’t want to face any such issue, then go ahead with Newsider. It is a lightweight theme ideally suitable for bloggers exploring fashion, travel, politics or food niches. Newsider is SEO friendly, fully customizable, has endless color concepts and supports Google fonts. Installing this theme is smooth and hassle-free, and the complete process doesn’t take more than a few minutes.


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10. NewsToday

Another brilliant WordPress theme exclusively designed for news websites that tend to target the global audience. If you’re looking forward to installing a fast loading theme coupled with lots of different color combinations, SEO friendliness, mobile responsive design, clean design and highly customizable sidebars, then think no more before opting for NewsToday. It is perfect for sites revolving around news, politics, technology, gaming, travel, fashion & lifestyle and much more.


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11. MagXP

One of the renowned and widely used magazines WordPress theme powered by a wide array of features to turn your site into a robust web portal. MagXP is loaded with an advanced options panel, four homepage layouts for design diversification, unlimited color combinations to play around with and strategically located social media buttons for free social signals. If your goal is to have a fast loading and beautiful theme installed on your site, which publishes content around entertainment, technology, business, lifestyle, fashion, viral stories or sports, then try MagXP right away.


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12. FlyMag Pro

It is a perfect premium magazine theme for news related sites. FlyMag Pro comes with a responsive, stunning and minimalist design ideally suited for individual bloggers as well as creative agencies. Some of its primary features are clean code, multi-browser compatibility, broad range of color combination, custom widgets, theme options panel, localisations, etc. Have it installed on your blog and give it a subtle touch without facing any trouble.


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13. Kingnews

Do you run a newspaper or magazine-style WordPress site and want to revamp its overall design? Looking for a theme that’s easy to install and comes with powerful features? If that’s the case, then take a look at the Kingnews theme right away. It is powered by multiple layouts, customizable widgets, a compelling homepage design, multi-category option, blog search feature and social sharing buttons for social signals.

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14. Publisher

Your blog design is a lot more important than you can imagine. Not only does it help you create a stable brand image but also ensure that all those users who visit your site, stay online for a considerable amount of time and buy your products or services. A theme like Publisher can make it happen without any extraordinary effort. It is loaded with a unique homepage layout, featured posts area, social share and follow buttons, crisp typography, and natural user interface. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate.


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15. SocialNow

The SocialNow theme needs no introduction. It is an elegantly designed theme for sites relying on social traffic. If you have a viral site getting a massive number of visitors through social media, then don’t think much before opting for it. SocialNow comes with fantastic navigation to help users find relevant posts on your site, robust inbuilt community tools for social follow and sharing, lightweight design and tons of other features to increase the social reach and search engine rankings of your site.


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16. Noozbeat

It is a fully responsive and beautifully designed theme good enough for news and magazine websites. Noozbeat comes with an eye-catching homepage, multi-category option, unique post and page layouts, fast loading time and strategically located social buttons. It also has sufficient space to insert third party advertisements on your site and increase your revenue.


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17. Novapress

Starting a viral news site is not as difficult as you may think. All you have to focus on is creating content that can attract the audience, and showcase it innovatively. Assuming that you have already worked on the content part, Novapress theme can do the rest of the job and give your site a unique look. It is packed with infinite scroll, responsive grid layout, social sharing buttons, attractive icons and much more. Have it installed on your site and start getting tens of thousands of hits on a daily basis.


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18. Newspaper Mag

It is one of the best themes exclusively designed for newspaper and breaking news sites. With Newspaper Mag, you can have multiple ad units of different sizes on each page, customize the sidebar according to your site content and increase user engagement by a significant margin. It comes with the slider layout and a lightweight design to handle thousands of real-time users. So, if you have a newspaper or news site, look no further than Newspaper Mag.


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19. Daynight Magazine

Daynight Magazine is a beautiful theme ideally suitable for sites covering breaking news, technology, business, entertainment, travel, lifestyle and fashion topics. Among other features this theme has an eye-catching design, loads pretty fast, fulfills all the SEO parameters and works fine on different devices. It comes with pre-enabled support for Google AdSense and other ad networks to increase your ad CTR and earnings. Its theme options panel is compelling and allows you to make real-time changes in a hassle-free manner. Try it once and experience how quickly it improves your site’s appearance and revenue.


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20. BitNews

Just in case you’re working on a content-rich site and want to have a theme that’s minimalist, lightweight and can keep readers hooked on to your site, then think no more before installing BitNews. It is fully responsive, mobile friendly and follows different SEO parameters to get you first page rankings. Moreover, it comes with clean codes, latest color combinations, card-based content positioning system and many other world-class features for maximum benefits.


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21. Monospace

Monospace is a sublimely designed, lightweight and multipurpose theme loaded with unlimited color combinations, eye-catching homepage layout, flexible sidebar and customizable design. Its options panel works efficiently and ensures that you can make real-time changes easily. Monospace loads fast on both large and small screens and follow all the SEO parameters. If you wish to design a dazzling site without wasting much time on the coding part, then Monospace is a perfect option for you.

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22. Garage

If you want to keep things simple and classy on your site without compromising user experience and traffic, then use a trusted theme like Garage. It is ideal for magazines, personal blogs and newspaper websites. Apart from a responsive slider layout, Garage comes packed with unique social share buttons, compelling colors, and multi-category option. Take a look at it, and you’ll know why most professionals tend to keep this theme on their sites.


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23. Doberman

To run a website and make it successful, you need to start looking beyond the content part and focus on how you put it in front of the readers. The more attractive it seems, the higher will be the traffic on your site. Not to mention, the loading time and color scheme should be perfect and in sync with your vision. Doberman can help you do all this in a hassle-free manner. It is a modern looking theme equipped with world-class features, lightweight design, and a fabulous homepage layout.


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24. Verb

Should you want to outrank your competitors on the back of your site design and functionality, go ahead with the Verb theme. It is stylish, fully responsive, clean, and can be used for digital magazines, review sites, newspaper sites and personal blogs. The theme comes with multiple layouts and works well on different devices.


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25. Dividend

Dividend theme is one of the best magazine themes available on the market. It is lightweight, loads fast, has over 14 custom widgets, seven post layouts, four pagination types and three different sliders & carousel. Some of its other features include mobile friendliness, search engine optimization, attractive social media buttons, AdSense optimization, WooCommerce support and advanced options panel.


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26. Newsmag

It is a stylish theme that can transform your site’s appearance completely. Newsmag has a unique Trending Now option located just below the category column where the latest breaking news or any product announcement keeps flashing. Besides, it has multiple homepage layouts, dedicated third-party ad support, customizable sidebar, mobile responsiveness & search engine friendly design, and full support for YouTube just in case you want to experiment with video content on your site.


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27. DailySports

Not many themes have exclusive features for sports websites. Since the demand of sports content and web portals publishing it is continuously rising, you need to get out of your comfort zone and look for a dedicated theme that can leave a lasting impact on all the users. DailySports can do the job for you. It comes with a dark palette, which goes perfectly with sports or entertainment related sites. DailySports is loaded with a powerful homepage layout, multi-category option, drop-down menu, two content blocks, image-based sliders, and featured news options.


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28. ColorNews

This modern theme has the potential to turn your site into a content and traffic powerhouse. It is AdSense ready, SEO friendly, mobile responsive and packed with a lightweight design. Even after all these world-class features and an irresistible design, ColorNews is available free of cost. So, don’t let this opportunity go away. Install this beautiful theme on your site and give it a professional touch.


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29. Feminine

If you publish trendy women-oriented stories, girly talks and feminine content on your site and want to give it an elegant look, then opt for Feminine theme without any second thought. It is classy, SEO friendly, mobile responsive, lightweight and comes with a broad range of color options.


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30. Magazine

As the name suggests, Magazine is the most beautiful, search engine optimized, lightweight and eye-catching magazine-style theme. It has multiple layouts to suit your needs, different post formats, responsive social sharing buttons and all other features to transform your site into a thriving online venture.


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So, give your site a unique look with the help of the WordPress themes mentioned above. Take a close look and select the one that fulfills all your requirements.