Most Easiest Methods to Access Blocked Sites!

Some sites are blocked in workplaces, offices to prevent employees from accessing unwanted sites,schools or colleges authorities may also block the websites mainly social networking sites to prevent students to access them also some sites are blocked in particular countries too!!
But whatever may be the purpose to Block the site we are always eager to access the website isn’t?
Even though there are number of options that you can use to access blocked sites but they sometimes works and sometimes not!Most Easiest Methods to Access Blocked Sites!

Now you can access blocked torrent sites very easily ..there are a few tricks that you can use !!!
Probably the best option is a good quality VPN, Virtually Private network(VPN) enables computer to send and receive data across network like the internet as if it is directly connected to Private network..Most importantly, a VPN creates a virtual gate between you and the sites and services you need to access, that mean that the ISP doesn’t know your identity and it won’t block off from accessing a a site.

If you can’t afford a VPN or don’t wish to use it,there are simple tricks which you can use!

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Although we don’t courage the use of torrent site to download and share copyright content.But we also believe in the freedom of the internet.

So here’s how to access torrent sites,not all of them may work but atleast one of them we absolutely work!

1) Access Blocked site with Opera:

It is the most easiest method of all.All you have to do is to install the latest version of Opera and Enable Turbo mode in Opera.Basically when you enables the turbo mode ,it speed up your browser and also the traffic is directed through Opera server,hence re-routing all your web pages therefore bypassing the Block
opera turbo

2) Through HTTPS:

This trick may or may not work ,although it is also the simplest trick to try .what you have to do is to change http to https,for example if you try to access, you may not be able to access it normally,But, if you use https, then, there are chances that you may be able to access the blocked torrent site.So simply, use and you are there.

3) Through Proxy Sites:

You can also use certain proxy sits like, created by TorrentReactor, which acts as a simple reverse proxy.There are number for Proxy sites available that you cna use..some of them are listed below:
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