Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Vs Galaxy J7: What’s the difference?

South Korean tech giant Samsung’s smartphone models are massively popular in the vast Indian mobile market. While the global mobile leader keeps on refreshing its portfolio in India by replacing old models with absolutely new ones, the company has been also updating some of its older smartphone models that garnered very good customer response. Samsung’s Galaxy ‘A’ series and ‘J’ series models are among the ones that received great success in the Indian market and are thus are here again in their updated avatars.

The new upgraded Samsung Galaxy ‘A’ series smartphones are already present in our market that have come with better design and loaded with upgraded specs, and now, it is the turn of the Galaxy J series. The Samsung Galaxy J7 and J5 launched in 2015 and went on to become very popular choice, thus the new Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 and the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 versions have come with new updates in order to refresh the range’s popularity in the market.

As the Indian mobile market is already over flooded with many new smartphone models and the previous Galaxy J7 is also available for sale, it is easy for the users to think is the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is worth upgrading to? To find out the answer to this, let us compare the two versions of the Galaxy J7 to check out the differences between the old and the new models:

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So, here’s a look at the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Vs Galaxy J7:

Design & Display

Samsung Galaxy J7Samsung Galaxy J7 02

To begin with, the design and visual appeal of the new Galaxy J7 (2016) is totally different than the previous Galaxy J7, as the new model boasts of a new full metal construction which offers a premium look and feel. The previous Galaxy J7 has a plastic shell which obviously had a basic look. The new metal body of the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has changed the entire appeal of the smartphone which is actually a remarkable difference in terms of looks. The new Galaxy J7 2016 thus looks more stylish and premium. Although, there’s no other design difference, the metal frame lends the premium appeal and also adds to the sturdiness to the overall design of the new model.

The older Samsung Galaxy J7 came in the color choices of Black, White and Gold and the new version also offers the body colors while in addition it also offers the much in vogue Rose Gold body color.

Both the new and the older version of the Galaxy J7 smartphone feature the same 5.5-inch High Definition Super AMOLED crystal clear display.

Hardware & Storage

The older model of the Galaxy J7 is equipped with an Octa core Snapdragon 615 chipset that is clocked at a speed of 1.5 GHz which is supported by 1.5 GB of RAM and offers 16 GB of onboard storage. The newly launched Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 packs in by a tad faster processor that ticks at 1.6 GHz, while it also gets the better support of 2 GB of RAM and offers the users the 16 GB inbuilt memory. Both the new and the old versions of the phone come with the flexibility of microSD card slots to expand the memory.

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Camera & Battery

The Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has the same excellent camera that its predecessor offered. This means both the versions of the smartphone offers the same primary 13 MP camera lodged at its back that features f/1.9 aperture. However, the new Galaxy J7 2016 comes with a dual tone dual LED flash as against the older model’s single LED flash. Both the phones also offer the same front facing secondary camera which is a 5 MP unit, although the new model features a lesser aperture of f/1.9, and thus it offers a bit better quality selfies even in low light conditions.

When it comes to the battery backup, the new Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is again better than its predecessor that came powered by a 3000 mAh battery. The new model of the smartphone draws its juice from a slightly larger 3300 mAh battery pack which should offer longer battery life.

Other updates and Features in the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)            Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) 02

The new Galaxy J7 2016 also runs on the latest Android Marshmallow OS out of the box which obviously offers its added benefits.

Moreover, the 2016 version of the Galaxy J7 features also comes with the added feature of the ‘S bike mode’ that can be integrated with the bike and automatically notifies the callers when the user is riding a bike. There is also an urgent call alert that notifies the user that there is an urgent call in line, so that he can receive the call by stopping the bike at a safe side of the road. This S bike mode when activated informs the caller with a pre-recorded message that the person is currently riding a bike. The device’s mode works in such a way that the biker won’t be able to take a call until he stops the bike in order to ensure the user’s safety. The older Galaxy J7 does not include this safety feature which can be very useful in preventing road accidents caused by distractions from mobile phones.

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The new Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is tagged at Rs. 15900 which is a bit dearer than the previous 2015 version which is priced at Rs. 13499. However, this increase in the price tag of the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is pretty much justified, as the model has updated in almost all the fields.


It is very much evident that the new Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 comes with a whole lot of updates over its predecessor. It comes with premium metal built, latest Android Marshmallow OS, slightly faster processor, more RAM, dual-tone dual flash, slightly bigger battery, and added new features. Yes, the Galaxy J7 2016 is pricier than the older version, but it is worth the extra bucks. And the new model is also totally worth upgrading to.

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