SB GAME Hacker App Complete Guide

What is SB GAME Hacker?

SB game hacker is the easiest way to hack any android game to unlock all its level, use resources and coins according to your wish. It is the most powerful and the easiest way to hack android games. SB Game hacker can be downloaded either from the developer website or you can click here to directly get SB Game hacker on your phone. SB Game hacker is the most efficient tool available for free. The best part of sb game hacker is that it doesn’t serve any ads for best user experience.

Just Google SB Game Hacker App and go to the official site of the app which goes by the name and download the app.

There are several games available in the market. There are addictive and enjoyable. But the part about most if the games are that they require in-game purchase. In- Game purchase not only affects user experience but also are annoying. In a game, purchases are expensive and require a lot of money as well. Another bad part of games is that they are very addictive like Clash Of Clans, Hay day, Mini militia and much more. Everyone wants to be on top. So they spend a lot of time playing these games and wasting their valuable time. AS these games require lots of patience in order to get to top or alternative is in-game purchase which again requires a lot of money as told earlier. Do you know you can also play PSP games on your android devices?

sb game hacker

What if I tell you a secret to hacking any android game. You will be able to get unlimited Gold, money, lives, ammo etc Well here is an app which allows you to hack android games by modifying games. It is very easy to use game hacking tool available. And the best part about it is that it will not annoy you with ads. Hence provides best user experiences. Also, SB game hacker is completely free i.e you don’t have to pay a penny to get a full version.

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Note: SB game hacker is for now supported only on rooted devices. And it is advised to root our device via kingroot as you will be able to root your device without P.C and also kingroot is supported on almost every device.

Features of SB Game Hacker

  • It is the best game hacking app which allows you to easily modify the game values and resource according to your needs.
  • It doesn’t require any programming knowledge. All you need to know is how to open an app.
  • SB game hacker supported language like English, Chinese & traditional Chinese.
  • You can hack any game. Yes, any game! Online or offline.
  • SB game hacker is completely free and provides best provide best user- experience by not permitting in ads in the middle of your activity.
  • It doesn’t only hack android game but also assists you in cracking and hacking the game. Therefore making hacking games easy.
  • You can pause the game in the middle with SB game hacker and easily crack the game anytime.
  • Now you must be excited enough and wondering how SB game hacker works? So here is a short working explained to you.

How does SB Game hacker Hack Android Games?

SB Game hacker allows you to change the data and argument which are accessed to display your score, lives, gold etc. For instance, you are running an android game and have 12345coins. What you have to do is just open SB Game hacker app and search 12345 in it. It will show certain data. You can edit the data and enter the value such as 99999 or any other value as you wish. Hence changing the coins from 12345 to 99999.

So what SB game hacker did is that it searched for Game data file the value”12345” which corresponds to a number of coins in your game and changed it’s value to 99999. Hence changing the number of coins from 12345 to 99999. This change is also reflected in your game. Allowing you to make the purchase or any other thing. These changes are not limited to coins but you can make changes to lives, health or ammo etc.

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How to download and install SB Game Hacker for Android

In order to download and correctly install SB Game hacker for android and ios just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. You can download SB game hacker either directly from developer site or by clicking on this line. For iOs users visit this link.
  2. After Downloading the app go to settings>>Security and click on “unknown sources” options. It is a necessary step as it allows you to install apps obtained other than play store.
  3. Now its time to install the SB Game hacker on your device. This is yet another simple step. Just navigate to the download location of SbGame hacker app and open the app and click install. The application will start installing.

Voila! You have done installing SB Bame hacker on your device.

How to change the language of SB game hacker to English.

After installing the app open the app by clicking on SB game hacker icon. Once the app is opened you will notice that there are lots of things written in Chinese. Don’t bother about it, they are just terms and conditions. All you need is a scroll to the bottom and click the yes button. Now SB game hacker will open and everything will be in English.

How to use SB Bame hacker to hack Android Games

You must be wondering how you can use SB Game hacker after installing it to hack games. As there are lots of option available. But don’t worry this tutorial is for all those confused people who don’t know how to start with SB game hacker.

Assuming that you have already opened SB Game hacker app and have accepted license agreement that is written in Chinese.

You will see floating icon on the left corner of the screen. Just tap on the icon and SB game hacker will open. If you have opened it for the first time then it will show you the meaning of all the icons and logos in order to make it easier for you to use it. However, you can tap anywhere on the screen and all the information box will disappear.

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Follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Now open the game that you want to hack. Tap on the floating icon while playing the game.
  2. As soon as you click on the floating icon it will show a search box. Enter your score or number of coins or anything that you want to increase and tap search icon.
  3. After tapping search box there are two possibilities. Either it shows only one item or it can show more than one item.

Let’s look at the 1st possibility: Search found only one item:

If it shows only one item then click on it and just change the value to the desired value. Once the value gets changes it will be reflected in your game as well. Congratulations You have successfully hacked your game.

Let’s look at the 2nd possibility: Search found more than one item:

If it shows more than one item then you need to play the game once again till you get a single item on searching and then follow the steps as told in 1st possibility.

Game developers are constantly working on how they can prevent their games from getting hacked. And they are constantly encrypting their game data. But don’t worry SB game hacker is the best app to find and modify the game data and values helping you to hack any Game.

For a hacking of encrypted game file, SB game hacker provides a solution by providing the Fuzzy search feature. The fuzzy search feature allows you to enter the precise values rather than entering a particular exact value. As you know the game value is stored as floating number and you can’t directly change or find them. You need to additionally Inspect the file in order to crack and hack them.

Some of the encrypted game like Clash of Clans can be hacked but what you need is certain patience and a little bit of common sense as the game developer are even getting smarter.

I hope you know now how some mischief people progress so fast in some games. However, there are some who really play the game and move forward. you never know!

So enjoy exploring SB game hacker features and enjoy hacking Games. And remember the more you explore the more you will get to know about hacking tricks about games.