Unraveling Instagram Live to Benefit Your Brand

One of the most compelling features of Instagram Stories is Instagram Live. It comprises video streaming, which allows you to ensure real-time engagement with your followers. As a brand, when you broadcast live video streams regarding a product or service on your business profile, a ring will surround your IG profile picture.

This ring will surround your IG stories, notifying your followers about your video, and propelling to watch your live stream.

  • IG Live is great for marketing. You can promote goods through tutorials, demos, or teasers, and trailers. You can also launch events and announcements.
  • For eCommerce brands, you can alert your consumers/followers to a particular sale or offer.
  • Influencer marketing is another crucial aspect here. Live videos propel influencers to focus on your brand and engage with your audience. Branding is another composite process. You can show behind-the-scenes of your firm, which creates interest in your brand.
  • It also creates a sense of longing and attachment for your brand as your audience develops a connection to your product. It’s a great psychological threshold. You can also use branded hashtags in this regard.
  • The next part is to generate leads. Use landing pages and user-generated questions to do so.
Instagram Live Feature
In this Monday, July 30, 2019 photo, the social media application, Instagram is displayed on Apple’s App Store. (AP Photo/Amr Alfiky)

Know the viewpoint of brands

It’s worthwhile to know why some brands are recalcitrant to go live. The main apprehension comes with the paucity of resources. Generating high-quality, gripping social media content takes a lot of time and endeavors.

  • It is expensive as well. For some brands, going Live brings a lot of pressure as well. Despite that fantastic Pause button, IG live doesn’t have that aura of refined elements and sophistication.
  • Not every person has a mastery of words or is a deft presenter. Cut-throat competition in this industry makes many brands sit back and not go into the Live groove.
  • Live is the perfect platform to showcase quirks and specialties. It’s a great scope to woo your audience and lure them towards your product or something that you are about to launch.
  • Live creates an aura, sensationalism about your brand and its personality. You need a good camera person at times. On many occasions, Live is the right place to explain a few things to your audience. You don’t need to spend all your money to buy Instagram views.
  • With unproven and fluctuating ROI, many brands hesitate to go Live. Since it’s a new feature, there’s no proper metric or parameter to measure the return on investment.
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Despite all this fathomable apprehension, you need to utilize IG Live. It can be very beneficial for your business.

Know the main benefits

Visibility is the most prominent benefit of Live. You need to know that over 70% of IG posts don’t have anyone seeing them. It means so many people are wasting their time and energy in creating something that nobody is even watching.

  • Everyone invests in their strategy. You’ve stories to thwart these issues. You place content atop your audience’s feeds. However, Live is a cut above the rest. It has that sense of immediate reckoning and pulls.
  • When you go Live on IG, your video stream surfaces in the same area as a Story. Only IG Live entails a few special features and digital privileges.
  • These live streams go right on top of the storyline. It gives a very good scope to generate views without any clutter.
  • Live stories also carry highlights, creating more interest and sensationalism.
  • The most important factor is Live entails push notification, which implies that you can get alerts every time it someone goes Live.
  • Live is synonymous with authenticity. People love or favor Live content because there’s no room for cloning or feigning something. You have no premonition of what’s going to come next, and the ones doing the Live are on the same plane.
  • The sense of urgency in Live is another big reason why brands need to incorporate it into their social media strategy.
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Some pro tips

If you want your IG Live videos to stand apart, you need to follow certain guidelines.

  • A SMART goal can be of immense help. Break it down into specific content, measurable items, attainable goals, relevant material and a time-based approach. A Live cannot go on and on.
  • It’s also important to build a video map. It can be like a trek. You need to know all the curves and rest stops you will take as you head towards your destination.
  • It’s crucial to outline your video. Jot down every point or subtlety you want to use or incorporate in the video.
  • A Live video can also be in the form of an interview. If yes, pen down each question you want to ask and the benefits or aspects you want to delve on.
  • There’s no room for guessing and you can’t waste the time of your followers. Time is precious and non-negotiable.

Live or IG business

The tool is incredibly smooth and easy. Before you get into the broadcasting boat, you need to handle certain administrative aspects. Don’t forget to adjust the live settings first. Before going Live, it’s in your best interest to check your settings. Make sure they are in sync with your brand’s personality or the message you seek to convey.

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To access the Live settings, open the Stories camera. Next, swipe to its Live mode and click on the wheel button to open its controls. As a brand and more specifically as an administrator, it’s crucial to filter out spam and offensive comments. You’re building a community and cannot let such elements thrive under your nose.

Go to Privacy and tap comments. Hide the offensive ones by selecting On.

A summation

IG Live is a great tool for every marketer. Apart from trust-building, it also enhances your rate of conversion. Live enables you to convince your audience in real-time. It’s far easier to do so. It’s easy to convince your followers with speech than written messages.

Awareness creation is another great aspect. It also underlines and establishes your social media positioning and dynamics.