11 Tips to Customize Google Maps Effectively

Google Map is one of the strongest map services that are available on the web for the users to find out particular locations, hotels, restaurants, event venues, and many more. Among the many useful tools, the branded Google Map Builder is considered as a friendly user interface that can help in customizing your individual Google Map effortlessly. You can construct a map with few choices accessible from the select box, without even coding.

Well we’ve mentioned here some of the important tips to craft customize and place a Google Map.


Google Map Builder functions using map style API

With the Google Map Builder tool, you can do customization of Google Map by using map styles API. The options accessible on the left are utilized to customize the appearance of the map, including zooming, dragging, map control, map theme and map type. At the top position, you can offer the map with API key that is effective for checking the application’s Maps API practice.

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Include Custom Marker

You can easily include your custom marker towards the map places, and for executing this you require offering your marker icon URL and then the exact place address that you are interested to mark. For example, add a restaurant’s name to Add Marker text field, and enter its address too to get the accurate result.

Get Code

After the map customization is done, you can scroll down to the bottom and click on the Get Code button, and the code will show above the map. You will find here the JavaScript code in the script tag as well as the CSS styles for map size. You can now simply copy and paste every code and blush them in your HTML prior to head closing tag.

Import and Edit your location data

When you have numerous locations for pinpointing on your map, you can select and write- Places You Like, Address, Place Type, and Notes, as per your preferences. After importing your data you’ve to choose columns to spot your place-marks, and click ‘finish’ to position the pins.

Execute editing of the Data Layer

While customizing your Google map, you can modify the appearance of your data and create the information more understandable. Three essential changes that you can create to a layer include style, data and labels. Style lets you customize the look of the pins on that specific data layer that covers options such as individual styles, uniform styles, sequence of color and letters, and style by data column. While clicking on the data, all information from your place shows in a spreadsheet as you can edit easily and include information too. You are also permitted to include labels to every map pin that is based on a column of spreadsheet info, for example, title of a location.

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The Base Map Option

Almost nine base map style options are available with each providing the Google map a distinct look, beginning from satellite to terrain, etc. The unique base map style may alter based on what you like to reflect upon mainly.

Share and Embed your Map

You can select the privacy and sharing option under ‘Share’ button at top-right corner of the screen. For embedding the map on your site, you can click ‘Embed on my site’, and further copy-paste the mentioned code where you would desire to embed the map!

Google Maps Colorizr

You can easily use this free Google Maps Colorizr web tool for customizing colors on a Google Map and also allows you to choose few aspects of it such as feature, natural landscape, element, visibility, and color. For this you can enter HEX color code that you are interested to fill. You can even choose the customizations for many more map aspects that you want.

Google Styled Map Wizard

With the use of Styled Map Wizard, you can navigate towards the map region for testing and making a style perfect for your Google Map. Well the Styled Map function as well as Map Wizard both utilizes HSL colors. You can select the feature type, element type, visibility, invert lightness, and also insert color, weight, hue, saturation lightness, and gamma as per your choice, and get an ideal result.

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Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps are the free styles for Google Maps, and for customizing the appearance of Google map, you can rely on the distinct themes from Snazzy Map. For crafting it, you can select a preset starting from default, light, dark, monochrome, and JSON import, and finally apply style to check on Google map.  

Therefore, by now you might have understood how to customize the Google maps effectively. You can take the support of Digital Marketing Company anytime for knowing more about the Google Maps so that you can easily come across better maps’ position.