5 Best VPN’s For Torrenting

I would like to personally thank TechTechnik for allowing me to stop by and post on this awesome site. I really enjoyed reading the hackers beginner guide (no, I’m not looking to hack people).

There are multiple ways to use torrents and many organizations that are searching for runarounds to shut them down for this reason. Piracy has been on the rise ever since the release of these file transfer hosts, but they also prove to be extremely helpful for larger personal files or business transfers. Today we will talk about the top 5 virtual private networks you can use to stay discreet when using torrents.

torrent VPN


Express is one of the more known virtual private networks, as it contains a huge server base scattered through a total of 78 countries. Using EVPN, you don’t have to worry about logs being kept or personal information being recorded, and it keeps you 100% anonymous to the world. Many use torrent VPNs for the added security and privacy, as the internet providers record everything, and can even block you from sites, if you cause them problems with media sources.

Express also offers mobile VPN’s for the iPhone and Android devices. Mobile torrenting is now possible, so when out and about it is always a great idea to mask yourself as you torrent on the go.

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VPN Arena

Arena is a very solid VPN that provides a lag-free experience and is easy to use for all level of users. It is still relatively new, as the servers are never packed but this can also make for a better experience. Some of the users disagree with the 128-bit encryption, but it still provides a rather secure connection when torrenting.

You can always give the program a try with the 7-day trial and money back guarantee. I would recommend this VPN to any new user trying to use a simplified program, at the very least until the free trial ends.

Private Internet Access

PIA has a great community and provides an excellent amount of user protection. They boast on ultimate Wi-Fi protection and no traffic logging which is exactly what you need when torrenting. One of the best features is its multi-login for up to 5 devices simultaneously, this is great for users that have LAN or small businesses, as this can save you a lot of money. When torrenting with PIA, they will provide you with full P2P and VoIP support.

VPN for torrenting


With unlimited P2P data transfer, this makes for an epic VPN when torrenting. With over 100 countries worth of servers and 80,000 IP’s, you are provided with a high speed experience. Torrenting is easily accessible and is allowed with this virtual private network that runs a very secure 256-bit AES encryption with a SHA-256 hash authentication and a 4096-bit RSA handshake encryption.

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BolehVPN is very customizable and has a user friendly UI. It’s also based in Malaysia. One thing that it lacks is the security strength, it could be a little stronger compared to other competitors. The connection with programs like Bittorrent work amazingly with Boleh, the speed blows past some of the competitors and it has free access to IPTorrents tracking website.

The website for the VPN is a little sloppy and cluttered with information, which makes it rather annoying to sign up for, but overall it is still a highly recommended VPN.  I personally feel the 128-bit AES encryptions is a little out of date, as competitors are now using 256-bit AES, but this can all be looked over as Boleh provides excellent service to its users.

I really hope you find something you like on this list and give it a try the next time you torrent or travel abroad. There are many virtual private networks online and many of them are powerful. With a little research, you should be able to find one that can suit you specifically.