A Complete Guide to help you Choose a WordPress Theme

With millions of themes available in the market, finding the relevant WordPress theme for a website is quite a daunting task. Sometimes, we get baffled in the wide array of themes and it becomes quite difficult to evaluate the best theme and we end up with an irrelevant theme for our website.

However, WordPress has opened the gateway for millions of businesses to establish their presence in the digital landscape, but it is not easy for the WordPress users to find the organization-centric template that nurtures the business and helps it grow prolifically in the online marketplace.  

choose wordpress theme

In an attempt to help you find the best theme, here are some tips to select the relevant theme for your website.

Let’s have a glimpse below to know more about tips:

  • Responsive layout

responsive layout

Responsive layout is the prime aspect that everyone should consider while selecting the WordPress theme. As the billions of mobile users are increasingly accessing the website on their devices, it has become imperative for the businesses to make their websites accessible through the mobile. And this can be made possible with the help of responsive architecture.

The responsive layout scales the content according to the display screen shapes and sizes so that the users can easily read the content on the device they feel comfortable. With responsive WordPress theme, you can expand the customer base. There is also a responsive tool by CSSChopper that will help you check out responsiveness of the website with ease.

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  • Good Navigation

good navigation

The navigation plays an imperative role in keeping the visitors engaged with the website. The navigation structure should provide an easy-to-use experience so that the visitors can easily explore the web pages, blogs and other content with the utmost ease. The good navigation layout can reduce the bounce rate and give a push to the conversion rate.

  • SEO-Friendly

seo friendly

Is the theme SEO-friendly? To be search engine friendly, the theme should be compatible with various WordPress SEO plugins. Along with this, the loading time, support for the child theme, cross-browser compatibility and other supporting attributes related to the content should be checked.

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Moreover, adding meta description and the useful tags should be easier in the SEO-friendly website. There should be optimized and W3C validated coding. And, for that, there are two tools, including HTML validation and CSS validation.       

  • Customizing


The theme should feature easy-to-customize functions so that without any knowledge of coding, you can change the theme. Most of the themes come with multifarious color schemes, hovering effects, revolution slider and many more that enable the users to customize the theme with the utmost ease.   

  • Secure Architecture

secure architecture

The theme should support secure architecture. And, you can check this with the help of WordPress Sucuri plugin. If the plugin does not show any red flag, then you can think of using that theme for your WordPress website.  

multilingual support

For the business runners, who want to expand the business globally, it is important that the theme comes with compatibility support for the multi-lingual plugin so that the visitors from different parts of the world can easily read the content. Hence, while searching the theme, you should check that whether the theme supports WMPL (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) or not. If yes, then you can think of adding that theme in the list.

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We recommend using MyThemeShop themes to our readers as they have excellent Multilingual Support

  • Features Social Media Functionality

social media integratity

Social media functionality plays a crucial role in channelizing the billions of social media users to the business website. Hence, if the theme is bestowed with social media functionality, it will give a leg-up to your business website over other websites.    

reliable provider

Whether the theme provider is reliable or not? This is one of the most imperative aspects that you should check while deploying the theme. Generally, many website owners do not consider about this, they just get the theme from the anonymous provider, which may be problematic in terms of availing the support in the future. Hence, it is always better to avail the theme from the renowned provider.  

You should check the detailed information of theme. Most important aspects that you should check are the feedback from the customers, date of updates (it is good that the date of update should not be 6 months before). There are various renowned companies that can help you build your WordPress themes, such as CSSChopper, theem’on and others. These renowned companies also provide dedicated staffing so that you can hire the developers to build the theme you wish.

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Final Thought

There is no thumb rule that fits for all. The one thing you can do is, glean every bit of information related to the aspects of WordPress theme. It will help you spot the best WordPress theme for your website. If you have any query related to the blog, you can share it with comment section given below.