How To Gain Traffic On Instagram For Fashion Site in 2020

Instagram is on the rise, and it comes with the latest changes daily. The market is now talking about the “hidden likes,” which takes the social media by storm. Online businesses might have to look for other ways to gain potential customers. Well, getting traffic towards your Instagram account is not that difficult. It calls for some severe services, especially while running a fashion site.

With competitors hovering everywhere, keeping a stand as a fashion icon is no joke. It would help if you took up challenges all along. But, having a healthy Instagram account at this point remains a crucial point. It can help you to stay ahead of this game. Being a fashion icon is different, but keeping that hold for a long time is an entirely different ball game. So, at this stage, you need to learn some ways to help gain traffic on your Instagram account.

Improve traffic

Posting content can never get a break:

You need to post engaging content daily, at least once. There shouldn’t be any gap over here. Tailwind, a visual marketing tool, has already studied over 100,000 IG profiles to understand the frequency within which an account holder should post content. Posting content can easily affect the engagement rate and follower growth.

  • Studies have shown that the more you post, the higher is the followers and like counts, you can get. However, you cannot determine the like counts anymore, especially with the “hidden like” experiment from Instagram.
  • As per some studies, the profiles which have already posted around seven times a week or even more, get some extra likes and gain some more followers faster than the ones, which are posting less frequently.
  • Posting one to 6 posts a week from one post a week can double your follower growth rate. The key lies with consistency. Brands with the regular flow with the IG posts receive the best results.
  • If you ever get to check the IG account’s algorithm timeline, consistency works out as a significant element to get the posts seen and appearing at the top of the timeline. Good engagement is the result of consistent posting.
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Trying to cross-promote dedicated hashtags:

Brands always work hard to create a unique hashtag for their companies. But, creating a hashtag is not the end of the story. Brands have to share it with others so that they can start posting content over there. You better start using your hashtag in your profile. Even try to offline and print it on your receipts, signage, and print ads or at some of the relevant events.

If your brand ever gets the chance to be on TV or radio, make sure to ask people to use your created hashtag. For that, you need to integrate some of the offline and online campaigns by listing the same on other social profiles. You can even post it on your email blasts and websites. Never think that people can find it out of the blue. It is your job to share it with the needful people, as Gramista professionals always say.

Focus on your Explore tab:

If you select the magnifying glass logo at the bottom of your IG app, enter the “Explore” tab. This sector helps you to find videos and photos that you might like from other accounts you don’t follow yet. It can be your icon’s profile or that of your competitor.

  • This tab always features stories, IGTV, and IG posts. Users will first look at the content index chosen by the IG algorithm. Then they choose to move towards any specified post or subject category among the top topics presented towards them.
  • Studies show that over 200 million people click on the “Explore” tab, at least once daily. That makes it a massive opportunity for brands that are willing to grow their audience base.
  • There are some significant steps to follow to get your content on the Explore tab. Yes, the steps aren’t easy but not impossible, at the same time. Reading through them can help you to figure things out.
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Schedule the IG posts beforehand to gain authentic followers:

Even though the IG algorithm has changed quite a lot to show users some more content they like, but posting at the correct time provides posts with extra visibility. Your brand has the power to do quite a lot. Thanks to Sprout Social, you get the chance to schedule your IG posts in advance.

  • The newest tools are now available and can help the brand to schedule content. The process always remains secure for the novices to follow.
  • Your branding team can now see the schedules and campaigns effectively by scheduling content in advance. You can quickly start by building content before with schedule tools and reach out to your audience.
  • This same method can help brands to maintain a positive content flow and at the right time.
  • Sprout Social even has its ViralPost patented feature, which helps the team to complete the task on behalf of your brand. The main aim is to analyze the engagement history of the account and then present proper times for them to post.

IGTV series is up:

Like all the new ideas that GI has in store, the introduction of IGTV has been one revolutionary addition. Now, you can post videos as long as 1 hour, which can stay up for as long as you want, unlike the Stories Feed. So, make sure to have some IGTV series up for your fashion brand as well.

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Editorial Calendar as the last stop:

While sharing photos or videos for the fashion world, you need to consider the ideas, delivery, and final optimization. Remember to brainstorm some smart ideas to align well with holidays, seasons, and upcoming fashion runways to improve sales growth and overall human traffic. You have to research more to get into some of the best marketing tactics, which can help improve your current hold over the fashion world with ease.