7 ewww ways to Optimize Images for Web in WordPress

Website speed matters a lot irrespective of the fact that your website is WordPress driven or using any other such script. The average loading speed of your website needs to be such that it may offer an extended browsing experience to the users. Among a number of factors that matter a lot in providing average speed to the website, Optimize Images for Web image optimization is  one important of all. Images do provide aesthetic appeal to the websites when they are optimized in order to increase the websites’ speed.

It is optimal to perform image optimization in WordPress sites in order to optimize large images to reduce overall website speed. Images have to do a lot with the speed of a website. When users go to a website, the browser downloads each and every image individually. In case, any image is really large, the website will take additional time to load. This will have a negative impact on the website loading speed. The good thing about the images is that they can be optimized and thus you can maintain the speed of your site in order to offer a delighted experience to the users.Optimize Images for Web-in-wordpress

Image optimization plugins offer a way to optimize images on your WordPress website. There are a number of such plugins that can be utilized for the same.

Here is a list of some of the most utilized Plugins for optimize Images for Web in WordPress:

  1. EWWW Image Optimizer


[button-white url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Now[/button-white]

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Active Installs: 300,000+

Being an exceptional WordPress image optimizer plugin, EWWW image optimizer is a great choice to optimize the images. This image optimizer is easy to install over your WordPress website. The best thing about this WordPress plugin is that it processes images in real time as soon as any image is uploaded to the website.And hence one of th best WordPress plugin for Optimize Images for Web. Images with JPG and PNG are processed with a lossless format and thus the quality of images remains the same even after the optimization.

  1. Optimus


[button-white url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/optimus/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Now[/button-white]

Active Installs: 10,000+

Optimus comes under the freemium category of WordPress images. It is a functional image optimization WordPress plugin and helps to reduce the image size by 70%. However, the free version of this WordPress plugin allows compressing the images that are less than 100KB in size. Moreover, a paid version will allow to optimize as well as compress images up to 5MB.

  1. WP Smush.it


[button-white url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Now[/button-white]

Active Installs: 500,000+

WP Smush.it is an exceptional choice if you are looking to compress the images without depressing their quality. After installing this amazing plugin, it will automatically compress the existing images as well as the newer ones that will be uploaded over the website. This plugin does not compromise on the quality of the services and additionally help to rank your site. This amazing WordPress plugin compresses images ten times of its actual size even then there is no compromise on the quality of the images. The plugin is flexible and gives you control of the websites as a result of which it gets easy to manage the website.

  1. SEO Friendly Images


[button-white url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-image/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Now[/button-white]

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Active Installs: 200,000+

SEO friendly images is an exceptional option to optimize the images so that your website could rank better over search engines. Being an exceptional WordPress SEO plugin, this plugin automatically updates all the images over your website with proper ALT and TITLE attributes. These tags are really important for SEO purposes. Alt tags are important as they guide the users to find the images related to keywords that they have been searching for. This further helps to improve the traffic from search engines.

  1. Imsanity


[button-white url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/imsanity/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Now[/button-white]

Active Installs: 100,000+

Imsanity is a plugin to resize big images automatically. As this plugin works automatically, it saves the effort that developers require to do manually to resize the images. The best thing about Imsanity is that it can easily resize images even if they are in bulk. The plugin is also used for easily converting .bmp files to .jpg so that they could easily scale. This conversion also gives out the option for specifying max width/height and .jpg quality.

  1. Prizm Image


[button-white url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/prizm-image/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Now[/button-white]

Active Installation: 2000+

Prizm Image is an exceptional option to reduce the file size of images up to 70%. The beauty of this plugin lies in the fact that it does not damage the quality of the image. Thus, the resolution and the visual quality of the image remain the same. It additionally helps to improve the website performance. There is no limit on the file size and therefore users can select any MB file to optimize the images.

  1. ShortPixel Image Optimizer


[button-white url=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortpixel-image-optimiser/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Now[/button-white]

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Active Installs: 20,000+

This WordPress plugin has a number of features and thus it is counted among one of the best image optimization plugins. This plugin is easy to use, lightweight and optimizes images as well as PDFs. Additional benefits include retaining the quality of the images, providing better user experience, better page speed insight results and much more. Besides compressing PDF images, it can compress PNG, GIF and JPG images too.


The ultimate aim of creating websites lies in providing a higher rank to the same. This task gets easy when you choose image optimization plugins. The plugins that have been mentioned here can be used in order to optimize the images over the website and rank your website higher in the web search.

Got your own plugin to share with us? You can mail me a short intro with relevant image and I will include it in my article. Or don’t forget to share the plugin you use to Optimize Images for Web in WorPress.