Trying Out Some Innovative Ways To Use SMS Marketing

In case, you think SMS to be meant for confirmations and announcements only, then think twice, if not more! Some of the savvy campaigners are currently taking help of SMS marketing as the best way to boost conversion rates and build longer customer relationships after fostering loyalty. There are so many companies these days, which are using SMS marketing for confirmations and work of announcements. Right now, it is hard to come across people without any cell phone. Everyone has one and all of them are keeping it close, 24 x 7.

Even the simplest form of messaging can act as your best ever sidekick to email and working to help you out with a social media campaign. So, using some simple yet effective points can help you to make use of SMS marketing in its full potential.

Here are some Innovative ways to use SMS Marketing

  • SMS can be your benchmark

It is not hard to state that you can use SMS as a perfect benchmark for covering all kinds of bases. Any cellphone around the world has the power to receive text forms of SMSs. Even if you are planning to campaign at a broader demographic or focusing across borders, you can easily sum up your thoughts and ideas in that small 160 characters message. Later, you can include SMS broadcast on the current media plan. The service is stated to be no doubt cost-effective in nature and will have some higher open rates. It helps in boosting some awareness among those individuals, who are not been able to take any of your offers as of now. Well, for that, you better learn about smsapi first and then start working on SMS marketing or campaign.

  • Determining the right customers for proper engagement

For some marketers and business owners, SMS can readily act as the best way to determine your right group of customers, readily available to get engaged with your business routine. Customers are known to treat SMS as something quite personal. So, even the simplest form of message from your business account to the customer’s number can help you gain some amazing results and response rates. It is, no doubt, an effective way to keep lists of users always updated and honest. Moreover, SMS is available to save on current white mail and admin costs.

  • Sending offers to customers

SMS is a perfect way to send offers to customers. It is not just used for sending rewards to the customers but also reminding them more about their business. SMS is already proven to be a great business strategic and effective medium for trade shows and outlets. It helps them to create some timely offers and that helps in effective growth of response rates. In some parts of the world, some renowned companies will use SMS marketing for meal offers as well. Whenever the busy commuters are leaving their work, that’s when the messages will pop right into their inboxes.

  • Proficient integration of SMS with e-commerce and email campaigns

Avoid pressurizing those 160 characters of SMS for covering all your tasks. With around 1.75 billion phones turning into smartphones, SMS messages with a URL as a tail will carry more click-through rates than basic SMS texts. Adding those URLs will further encourage people for subscriptions, which can later turn into a conversion. On the other hand, the total form of customer view can be readily imported by adding SMS into e-commerce sales and emails. It helps in keeping a track at customer’s activities, back to SMS.

  • SMS as the key to direct mail as a box

The conversion rate for DM might have been around 4.4%. That’s the number everyone wants to see. But, you don’t have to settle for that less. If you want to boost the number, now you can! All you have to do is just send some text messages within a span of 24 hours of delivery, which will act as an extra incentive. It will force more people to just open the envelope.

  • Try to run less swallow customer surveys

There are only fewer customers, who might have engaged them with longer survey forms. On the other hand, a program based on SMS messages staggering for few hours can further elicit better information. It further helps in gaining a superior form of response rates. You might be wondering why. It is because a concise form of a question with few easy MC options will take lesser efforts from customers’ side than going for that full-on questionnaire. People, on the other hand, can answer that message anytime they want, even while they are on the go.

  • Finding about the influencers more

It is true to state that not all customers might have been created equally. If you are sure of your advocates, you can further concentrate more on resources to get along with them. Right from inside tips to offers, you have so many ways, just to make them feel extra special. Finding the right customer is what SMS can work on brilliantly. Just asking three questions based on ratings can help you find your answer. They are going to text back straight into the database.

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Around 20% or so might even recommend your survey to other family and friends for giving a try. They are what you call influencers. They are the one to add some extra insight to sales departments. Those influencers are also known as members of the unpaid sales department.

  • SMS data for tailoring marcomms across media

After segmenting audiences into those gaining interest and fully engaged, advocates and even your aggressors, you can always use data for talking to each one as a separate member or individual. It can work on not just SMS marketing field, but in other media as well. A platform provider is the one to help define messaging and copy, which will treat each customer like your only one. It works wonder in boosting sales, resulting in higher awareness and conversion rates.

These simple yet promising tips will help you to use SMS marketing in your business’s favor, resulting in a promising growth in the near future.