How to Improve WiFi Signal Strength to get Better WiFi Connection

Seeing how we live in a mobile world, a good WiFi connection can make a huge difference in our Internet browsing experience. A lot of people tend to overestimate the power of their Wi-Fi router, while in fact, it has some pretty serious restrictions. The more expressed they are, the weaker your connection will be.

Luckily, most of these issues can be easily resolved by finding a way to improve WiFi signal strength. Here are some tips and tricks.

Find the Right Spot

Basically, there are two special factors that determine the strength of your signal. The first one is distance- the further your device is from the router, the weaker the signal will be. The second feature is any obstacle that stands between the router and your laptop, tablet or phone. While it is easy for everyone to recognize a wall, a door, and a ceiling as an obstacle, a lot of people ignore other items in their household.

improve WiFi signal strength

Unfortunately, a TV cabinet, a closet and a monitor can all successfully block the signal, making the WiFi even weaker. The ideal spot for the router would therefore besomewhere in the middle of your home (even if it does mean putting it in the hallway) and somewhere high up, so it has as few obstacles as possible.

It’s Not Necessarily the Signal

Even though monitoring the strength of the signal is quite easy, sometimes people mistakenly blame Wi-Fi for their slow Internet connection. However, the problem may lie in other connected devices or even the computer itself. Various malware and viruses can silently drain your connection and you will still blame the WiFi for all these troubles. Finally, even when everything is in perfect order, your broadband can be too slow. In this case, it might be worth your while to compare broadband deals and find one that is more to your liking.

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Check All DevicesExpressVPN supports every device

In some cases, it may appear to you that your internet has slowed down for apparently no reason and no matter what you do, it wouldn’t improve. Before you start assuming that it’s your broadband or bad Wi-Fi signal, you may want to check if there are other devices siphoning the connection. For example, if you have multiple computers in the same household and someone else is on the YouTube (you can download youtube videos for free and watch them anytime by using simple tools) or Netflix, this might be the cause of your slow internet. Additionally, if your phone is set to download updates onlywhen on Wi-Fi, this may be the trigger of all your problems. 

Watch out for Freeloaders

Now, while all of these problems may be easily solved or agreed upon, sometimes your problem may be of a more delicate nature. In 2016, it’s not uncommon to have freeloaders on your Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a password, it’s quite probable that someone in your neighborhood, with no connection of their own, will use it. In fact, even if they do have an internet connection, they may not want to slow down their internet, but will do this to yours instead. Before you start making any accusations, make sure to check if anyone is using your Wi-Fi.

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Changing Your Wi-Fi Password

When you have determined if someone is using your Wi-Fi, you need to put a stop to it. If you don’t have a password, you need to make one. To start with this, just enter a manufacturer’s default IP, which can most commonly be found on the underside of the router. It can also be found in the user manual (if you have one). Next, open the wireless tab on the left side and enable WPA-PSK. After this, you’ll be offered to make a password, so make sure that it’s a sound one. Changing your WiFi password can help you improve your improve WiFi signal strength as there will be less number of people connected to your wifi thus improving your wifi speed.


In order to make it as strong as possible, use letters (both upper and lowercase), digits and even symbols. Even if people interested in your Wi-Fi are using some serious password cracking tools like THC Hydra, it may take them months to crack a password made this way. In other words, they are just more likely to just leave you in peace and try with someone else in the neighborhood.

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If you already have a password, you clearly need to change it; but when you decide to come up with a new one, the same rules apply. Needless to say, personal info, like a pet’s name or your mother’s maiden name is amongst the worst passwords you can come up with. Anyone who has you as a friend on Facebook (and you neighbor most often will) can figure this out. Do you know there is a trick by which you can access your Facebook Account with 3 passwords?

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External or Internal Antenna

There are two types of routers based on the position of the antenna. While most people make the division to antenna or no antenna, in truth, every router has one. The only difference is whether it is on the outside (external) or on the inside (internal). The greatest advantage of having an external antenna is that you can position it so as to send the strongest signal towards the desired direction. This is why routers with several antennae are in great demand these days. Finally, sometimes you can even add a third-party antenna to the router and enhance its signal even more.

DIY Extenders


Finally, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on the latest router or the most powerful antenna when you have so many homebrew hacks to boost your Wi-Fi. A simple folding paper enhanced with aluminum foil will make your Wi-Fi much stronger. An even better effect can be achieved with a repurposed old satellite antenna. Most of these materials you have probably tucked away somewhere in the basement, which makes these projects quite frugal.

Make sure you go through below10 reasons for your poor Wi-Fi connection and correct them inorder to improve WiFi signal strength:



From all of this, it is more than clear that your Wi-Fi coverage depends completely on you. By choosing its model and position, you already have a great impact on its strength. Still, even if you make a mistake in this field, there is always the option of boosting the signal through some unorthodox means (like those DIY devices). If all else fails, you can always look for a stronger broadband.

If you have some other tips or tricks to improve WiFi signal strength then do share with us by commenting below!