How to make WordPress Website User-friendly for the SmartPhone

WordPress is used by a large number of users including entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, hobbyists, etc. It is a source through which people brings traffic to their business. To catch hold of a large number of traffic, people obviously look for attractive pages. So in order to bring your crowd, you need to make your websites look attractive. Since most of the users use WordPress through mobiles and tablets also, so making those WordPress pages look beautiful on those devices is important. This article of mine is an effort to how we can make our website appear more attractive.

make wordpress site mobile friendly

FV WordPress Flow player

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The FV WordPress Flow Player allows you to add videos to the content. It is HTML-5 based player for a video that allows for embedding interesting videos to your content from different sources from the internet.  This video player will, of course, save your money as it is free of cost and it gives you videos of all versions for helping you to make sure that those videos added by you in your WordPress content are not only playable by the big screen users but also for the small screen users too.

Turn your WordPress Content Mobile-Friendly

Try to formulate your website content such that they are very much flexible to be viewable in any kind of platform or theme, the mobile user has by non-payment. Simple images and words are comfortable in any kind of argument but with complications like equations you need to add more plugins also.

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Here is a wonderful article on 5 Resourceful WP Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Mobile Users

Post Script Responsive Images

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Make an effort to make your content very economical to your mobile users. The contents should include simple and light weighted images so that they do not eat up a huge internet data of your readers. This PostScript Responsive Images will give a large number of versions of the images on your website. It is helpful just to reduce the data spend on the downloading of the contents and the images. As of now, we have just the initial part of this but with its development and improvement of features, it will be a big hit in the near future.

Allow Navigation Along with Your Content

Try adding navigation properties to your WordPress Contents so that users find it easy to find your content. Because ones your audience can find your product, then only they can think of buying it.  Try using Mobile Navigation which will display full-screen menu for navigating your WordPress content for your users. Using this tool you can tailor breakpoints that help your content to enable to display the fonts as given during the editing of your contents.  Another similar type of tool is the WP Responsive Menu which shows you a menu from the side popup. This is an almost same tool with similar features which helps you to customize the appearance of your WordPress content.

Try Changing Your Old Themes

WordPress has got its own themes which are made to be suitable almost in every type of screens. But few themes may allow your website content to be viewable only by the large screen users. Few of the contents appear only half in those small or medium screens. So in such cases, the themes needed to be arranged according to the devices’ screen sizes. Mobile users are more in comparison than the large screen users. So it is a smart idea, to make your sites user-friendly for those Smartphone users.

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WordPress Mobile Pack 

It is more like an app where the mobile users will be able to view the WordPress screen in a different view which will be completely different from the desktop view. It is an app that you need to download which can be tailored in a different color, designs and much more. Sometimes the free app works and in some of the mobiles, it is not compatible. So in case if the default app is not working on your device, then you can buy the premium membership with which the premium app will be definitely attuned to your mobile phone.

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Mobile Smart

A plug-in named as the mobile smart is another theme changer that is best used for enabling change of themes in the mobile devices. It is a theme changer which can change themes for phones as well as tablets. It works only on these two devices. Resizing of images, videos, pages etc can be best done using this Mobile Smart theme changer. It is the best theme changer which sets such themes in your mobiles that permit faster delivery. The resizing is possible with a special parameter called as transcoding. Although it is free of cost you can use it as a premium member also by buying the premium membership card.

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Any Mobile Theme Switcher

If your theme is not suitable for the WordPress blogs in your mobile phone, then try to use a theme switcher named as Any Mobile Theme Switcher. It is free of cost and provides awesome services in the mobile theme changing from one theme to another theme as well. Accordingly, as suitable, you can use this theme changer to switch the themes as suitable for different contents. For all the different devices you can use different themes separately. Also, the desktop theme can be changed into the mobile theme and vice versa using this Any Mobile Theme User.

Also, Concentrate on the Clear floats, Rows, Toggles , etc

Try adding audios, videos, images and other multimedia that are suitable to all devices including big as well as small screens. Avoid using particular size multimedia that will run only on a particular device. Resize videos, audios, and contents to make the size universal so that they can be well opened in any other devices.

Easy Responsive Short Codes

Use components like buttons, alerts, rows, columns, toggles, clear floats, etc.  such that they should not show difficulty in an opening in the mobile devices along with the large screen devices. Drive those components from a platform known as the easy responsive shortcodes. Use it for your benefit because the components that it will provide you, prevent you from the worry whether they will be accessible for those small screen users or not. 

Mobile Previewer

Use mobile previewer to view how your Website contents in WordPress will be displayed in different mobile phones of different screen sizes.  It gives you a feedback of how different users will see your content. So seeing them you will get an idea of where your content needs improvement.

If you have any other suggestion for making your WordPress website sexy then don’t forget to share it below via commenting. Also, don’t forget to share this awesome article with others so that they can also make their site look cool!