How to choose WordPress Theme for your Website

How to choose WordPress Theme, is one of the most asked question by bloggers. WordPress has always remained one of the most preferred website developing platforms and has developed an equal liking among the users and developers. The platform is exceptional as a number of technicalities are there to embed in WordPress that makes it one outstanding platform. Today, websites are important not only for having the face of your business over the internet but also for promoting your business well over the internet sphere. While creating the website, one important consideration to keep in the mind is that what kind of themes should be used that could scale up the functionality of the platform and how to choose the best to choose wordpress theme

Although there are a number of factors to consider while choosing a perfect theme but we will discuss some of the most important ones. Here are the factors to ponder over while choosing a WordPress theme for your website:

  • The requirement of developing the website

Websites are developed for a number of reasons and while you are searching for a perfect theme, analyze the purpose of the website first and depending upon your consideration, choose one accordingly. Additionally, your website may have a lot of content, pleasing images, responsiveness, etc. and therefore, it makes sense to choose a theme that could accommodate all these changes easily as well as exceptionally. There are a number of such themes available in free and premium version and thus, a little bit of research can help find the right kind of theme.

  • Browser compatibility

The number of browsers differs with the number of users browsing through different websites. Any given WordPress theme may look exceptionally well on a certain browser and fail to maintain its aesthetics on certain others

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  • Ease of customization

WordPress themes have customization dashboard that makes it easy for developers and users to indulge in the practice of making changes directly to the stylesheets. WordPress also offers a number of plugins that make the coding part a breeze for the developers. Thus choosing any of the WYSIWYG HTML editors could help in coding exceptional themes to use further on your WordPress website. The ease of customization would help to include the required elements depending upon your choice.

  • The price of the theme

WordPress themes have been made available for you in two different price categories including free and premium version. There are a number of such themes available that can offer a unique aesthetic value to your website. Prior to choosing your theme from any of the categories, try to search a bit before you settle on the one. At one hand, where free themes are just great with their functionalities, they sometimes are not as effective as the premium ones. Premium themes have got more pros than the free ones and thus, it is ideal to invest in the premium versions.

  • Choose responsiveness themes

Technological advancement has shrunk the world to the smartphones only and today, users can easily access any of the websites on their phones only. This offers an appealing reason to include responsive themes while investing your time in WordPress website development. Including responsiveness ensures that your website is easily accessible on a variety of platforms regardless of the size of the device. Accessibility of your website on different platforms will further increase your audience base and ultimately the much-required conversions will easily come to you. To ensure that the responsive element has been embedded correctly, check the page over Responsive Web Design Testing tool.

  • Security

Security does matter for the websites as hackers are not going to leave any chance of getting the valuable payment information saved with any website. Security is also important when it comes to password strength, hosting, as well as plugins. Therefore, security is one important element to ensure that you must consider when choosing a related theme for your WordPress website. Try to find more and more about the theme before you include the same on your WordPress website. There are a number of such communities that offer the complete review of the themes. However you can protect your WordPress dashboard by changing the Admin URL as well


Investing some of your time in choosing the perfect theme for you by keeping all the above-mentioned points in your mind will help you settle on a theme that has just been developed for the proposed requirements you have been looking out. Your WordPress website will play a crucial role in deciding the future of your business; hence, try to be as specific as you can while making the selection.

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