Best Health Gadgets 2018 to Improve Your Fitness

Who says tech gadgets are only for entertainment or productivity purposes? Tech gadgets can also help you keep a careful eye on your health.

health gadgets 2018

Here is a list of bestselling Health Gadgets 2018 that directly solve personal medical problems most people are familiar with:

A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are quite popular with workout enthusiasts. A fitness tracker can be a great addition to your life to improve your overall health due to several reasons. These trackers are great for logging your exercising data. A standard fitness tracker can offer data on how long you have been doing an activity like running. You can get data down to the number of strides.

Most fitness trackers are equipped with minor features to check for your heart rate too. A fitness tracker can tell your heart rate by counting the pulses. It’s not the most accurate way to measure the heart beats, but it’s better than nothing.

Some fitness trackers also offer to count calories. This number is largely inaccurate because it’s based on generic data sets. There’s one more feature these trackers offer that users can benefit from the most: sleep tracking. Don’t get enough sleep at night? Then don a fitness tracker to monitor your sleep each day to avoid horrible diseases in the future.


Breathalyzers, as you may know, check for blood alcohol content (BAC). Usually, it’s law enforcement services that keep breathalyzers in stock. However, drivers who drink may also prefer to keep a personal breathalyzer in the car. You won’t drive without knowing how fast you are going, so you shouldn’t get behind the wheel after knocking back a few without knowing whether your BAC is within legal limits.

Personal breathalyzers now offer highly user-friendly features thanks to the rise in non-commercial demand. These gadgets are quite accurate, much like the ones the police use. A decent breathalyzer can give readings accurate around 0.001%. Modern breathalyzers not only offer high accuracy levels, these also offer connected features to make life easier.

A good breathalyzer would be accurate, compact in size, and accurate to the best possible level. Look for devices that have police-grade sensors inside. Look for devices with big LCD displays and a storage option to make the device remember previous readings for comparison purposes.

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There’s an emerging new category of breathalyzers called mobile connected breathalyzers. These are essentially small breathalyzers you can connect to your smartphone. In case you are wondering why you need to do this, the best smartphone breathalyzers can tell you how long to wait until you are sober via a synched app. Some apps can even call you a taxi if you are too drunk to drive.

Wireless Glucometer

A glucometer monitors the level of glucose or sugar in your blood. Diabetics require glucometer to keep an eye on blood sugar fluctuations. Those who are not diabetic can benefit from this gadget as well. If you suspect you are pre-diabetic or are trying to lose weight, you can rely on a glucometer.

These gadgets used to be a bit bulky but are increasingly resembling smart gadgets rather than an essential medical device. A wireless glucometer allows you to enjoy high levels of portability and more convenience recording your blood glucose spikes. Wireless glucometers connect wirelessly to a smartphone app, where it will log your blood glucose levels throughout the day as you monitor them.

Whether you prefer a wireless or a wired glucometer, make sure the device you buy is approved by the FDA. Only FDA-approved glucometers can provide you with accurate and reliable readings.

Gluten Tester

If you have Celiac disease, there’s finally some news to rejoice in. The world’s first gluten tester is here and is available for average consumers. You will no longer have to ask if a dish contains gluten as long as you have this sensor with you.

So far, the world’s only portable gluten tester is made by 6SensorLabs.Called Nima, this gadget can check your gluten levels even on the go. These small gadgets have sensors inside to tell you whether it’s safe to consume a food item based on gluten levels.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Many people require routine blood pressure monitoring due to various medical conditions. Fitness enthusiasts may also prefer to check blood pressure after intense workouts. Thanks to new innovations in portable tech, you no longer have to pay a visit to the doctor to get your BP monitored. Instead, you can rely on a portable blood pressure monitor.

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There are two types of home tests that check blood pressure, neither of which require you to get a prescription. You can buy either an arm monitor or a wrist monitor. An arm monitor comes with a cuff that you can wear on your upper arm. These monitors inflate automatically and can issue a warning if your BP count is higher than normal.

Wrist monitors are more compact. These offer the convenience of higher portability (great if you are working out). However, doctors will warn that wrist BP monitors are less accurate than arm monitors because the former is fully automatic.

Arm monitors have some drawbacks as well. Mainly, you may get an inaccurate reading if the cuff is either too tight or too loose.

Modern BP monitors employ the latest tech so you can largely rely on the readings. A word of caution though: be aware of low-end, cheap BP monitors. Invest in a top-rated model for the best accuracy levels and certain other conveniences like display and portability. If a BP monitor has more than two memory storage chips, then more than one user can rely on the device.

Look for additional features in BP monitors to get the best value for your money. High-end models include indicators or irregular heartbeat and risk categories. You may also get multiple cuffs, larger digits in the display, and some statistical calculations like data averages.

Well-known models like the Omron Evolv and the Nokia BPM+ easily synch with smartphones and tablets. You can download data onto your handheld device for the optimal monitoring of your blood pressure. You can even email the results to your doctor without a hassle.

Wireless Air Pollution Monitor

Now you can add a wireless air pollution monitor to the growing list of internet connected things (IoT) popping up in your house. Polluted air is a major concern for those dwelling in cities. Constant exposure to air pollution could cause asthma, or at least exacerbate it. A wireless air pollution monitor can tell you whether you are breathing in particle-free fresh air or polluted the urban air.

A wireless air pollution monitor is mostly beneficial to those who already have asthma. Prone to seasonal allergies? Then keep one of these in your room. Wireless air pollution monitors are quite compact and the accuracy of these devices have risen in recent years.

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The best wireless air pollution monitors can check for humidity in an area as well, thus acting as a dehumidifier to a certain extent. These devices can check for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gasses too. Overall, a wireless air pollution monitor can help you keep your surroundings clean, and along with it, your body.

Connected Thermometer

A thermometer is an essential tool that most of us keep in our first aid box at home. Thermostats take fever readings and can tell us if we are too sick to go to work or school. If you remember a parent checking your temperature levels when you were young, you will remember that it was only done once or twice. How can you tell if the fever is getting better or worse?

That is where connected thermostats like the Withings Thermo come in. These gadgets don’t just take temperature readings, they can monitor the progress of a fever by recording data on a mobile device. The devices give an indication if your fever doesn’t look like its subsiding.

Because this thermostat is connected to your smartphone, it can record your fever levels and store the data for future comparison levels. The health benefits of a smartphone-connected thermostat are enormous for patients who want to go to the doctor all the time.

Fertility Bracelet

If you are a woman who needs to track her ovulation cycle, then start wearing a fertility bracelet. Though primarily designed for women who want to get pregnant, fertility bracelets can also help women who want to keep better track of their menstruation cycle.

Fertility bracelets track things like your temperature levels and blood pressure to determine if you are pregnant or not, or whether you are ovulating or not. The device is connected to a smartphone app for storing and analyzing data gathered by the device. It’s great for keeping track of your monthly cycle 24/7.

Technological advancements are dramatically changing the way we receive information about our health. The above healthcare gadgets should make your life a lot easier. These devices can also help you control impulses and stick to your health goals. Follow the advice given above to make sure you are purchasing the right gadget.