How to Buy a Smartphone without Getting Screwed

Are you planning to purchase a smartphone but worried about the prices? Don’t get tricked by the shopkeepers, instead use these tricks to save money on your purchase by shopping smartly. This Guide on how to Buy a Smartphone without spending much. You just need to spend time on some research work before buying the best smartphone worth your expenses. Well, if you don’t have a chance to research then give some time to this article. Here, I have mentioned a few money saving tricks that can help you save money and get you the best smartphone.

How to Buy a Smartphone without Spending Much

how to buy a smartphone

Shop Online and Save Huge

Online shopping has become a craze in today’s date. From apparels, books, toys to footwear, people are buying everything online. The old school offline shopping has just become a time pass for people to go and spend time in the malls to just do window shopping and watch movies. So, if you are thinking of buying a smartphone, why do you want to roam around in the streets in search of the best smartphones? You can easily sit and relax in your homes and order it online and get the best model for yourself.

  • Price Comparison a must

If you still want to bake yourself in the sun then take my advice and compare the prices once. Check the prices of the same models in both the markets and then decide which is the better option for you. I am sure by the time you are done with your research you will prefer shopping online for the smartphones. With easy returns and easier payment modes, the online store gives you complete flexibility to order online from your comfort zone and enjoy exploring your smartphone.

  • Specifications and Features on Checklist

One thing which you commonly do while buying a smartphone is to check its unique features and specifications. However, if you are purchasing it offline, you are unaware of a few features apart from the ones shown in the box. Also, most of the stores ask you to make payment first after which they will show you the features of the phone which you might not like and regret buying. Meanwhile, if you go for online shopping, you know all its features, as well as you, can see the live demo videos of the phone before buying it. So, the choice is on you now. What do you want to choose, offline or online? I am sure your query “how to Buy a Smartphone” must have narrowed down! But there is a lot more just read on.

  • Latest and Trending Models

The online market is the first to announce the latest models much before it is available in the offline market. Also, you have before knowledge of the upcoming new models, and you have options of pre-order in the online market. Moreover, you can check consumer reviews and feedbacks before you switch to a new smartphone of the brand or model that has been launched recently in the market.

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Keep an Eye on Discounts

Another great way to Buy a Smartphone! Online shopping not only comes with benefits of comfort shopping, latest pieces of information but also stuff like sales, cashbacks, and discounts on its products. You can buy numerous products from online stores at massive discounts such as amazon coupons for mobiles. All you have to do is have a hawk’s eye on the deals and offers and grab it as soon as it arrives.

  • Sale! Sale! Sale!

Every other day there’s a sale going on in the online market for the electronics or the smartphones. If you want to save money while buying a smartphone at a pocket-friendly price, then keep an eye on the ongoing deals. Keep checking the online sites to learn where the sales are on at present.

  • Don’t miss the word Coupons

If not the sale, the sites have some discount offers, promo codes and other deals for you to buy the smartphones at the best-bargained price. You can check for these coupons and deals to curb your budget. You can search for keywords like Snapdeal Coupons on SmartphonesFlipkart online shopping coupons, amazon coupons for mobiles and learn about the coupons and discounts given by Snapdeal or other online stores.

  • Subscribe more to learn more

You can subscribe to any coupon sites or allow the pop-up notifications from the online stores to learn about the discounts and sales instantly. The subscriptions will help you get the best deals before the stocks run out.

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Refurbished can Help Save More

Still confused, how to Buy a Smartphone? Well, refurbished phones are another great way to buy a Smartphone without spending much. Refurbished phones are well,pretty much like the new phones. You can try them, and I am sure you would love them. Refurbished phones are the phones have a bit of damage and are sent back to the factory for repair and return in the market as good as new. They are however sold at a lesser price than the new ones and are good to buy.

  • Search online refurbished stores

Go online and visit various stores that provide refurbished phones for the customers. You can check the most popular website for selling refurbished phones. You can check for the available models in the stores and compare prices to know which refurbished mobiles you should buy.

  • Refurbished models and brands

Refurbished stores have not only the phones of latest models but also your favorite and branded sets including the iPhone. Yes, you heard me right. If you dream to own an iPhone but are low on budget, you can try buying the refurbished ones at a low cost and the set which is as new as you buy from the other online stores.

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Here are quick tips to Improve iPhone Performance and Speed.

  • Genuineness and Price Check

When you are all ready with your research on refurbished phones, you can buy one instantly. Do cross-check the market price and brand authenticity of the phone before making a final call on your purchase. You can check the for the customer reviews and product ratings to know about its genuineness.

Second Hand Not So Bad

If at all you are looking for curbing your budget while shopping for a smartphone, then why don’t you try the second-hand ones. The second-hand phones will be within your budget limits. The stores such as OLX and QUikr are the best to surf for the second-hand mobile phones throughout India. You can talk to the seller and buy the sets as per your comfortability.

  • On sale: Used only for 2 months!

Some buyers, sell off their new handsets on the second-hand sites as they are ready to buy the latest model. You can find many new models on sale at second-hand prices in the sites. You can check for them and buy your favorite model at a low price.

  • Try before you buy

The benefit of the purchase of a second-hand phone so that you can examine the phone easily before purchasing and be assured of the features and other qualities. You will know if there is any repair or defect in the phone so that you can cancel the deal before it is too late.

  • Be sharp and witty

You can not only buy the phones at a lower price but also you can negotiate with the seller as per the market rates to decrease the price. You can thus curb the budget to least and get a good condition phone for yourself.

I hope that above-mentioned tips and tricks on how to Buy a Smartphone without getting screwed will be helpful. So, now you know how to buy the best budget smartphone with your shrewdness. Just follow these tips and save lots of bucks on your next smartphone purchase.