Negative Effects of Technology: Has Technology Affected Your Life?

It’s funny as well astonishing to see as to how a century can change our lives. All thanks to TECHNOLOGY!! However, there are some negative effects of technology and some positive effects. But we will be focussing more on the negative effects of technology.

Each aspect of our life has become modernized and has become more technological advanced due to portable internet availability, Television, iPods, PDA, cell phones, laptop computers, mp3, players of every brand, Communication in shape of text messages & emails, business system i.e. online banking and e-buying and selling, online gaming, online liberalities and much more.

Not has technology provided us products but the outcomes by these products have been outstanding making communication and productivity faster and better than before. For example, in the past one document, product or service could be restricted due to weak or bad communication, limitations in business due to outdated equipment for production or making an experience much more fulfilling.

Today, all these hassles are resolved due to the birth of modern technology which has made experiences of customers and profits of business much effective to a greater degree.

When we face the future, technology has left no stone unturned in becoming the greatest learning source for our present and future generation, for the internet as well as its technological devices through which it has widely used has been a great asset for us.

People all over the world are not just socially connected but have more know-how about their surroundings. Also, it’s through technology that we have been able to make our economies flourish.

Negative Effects of Technology

When we focus our attention on the youth of our generation we may see a drastic change in the way how these teenagers react. They have more knowledge about various subjects and will be more straightforward invoicing and share their opinions as compared to old times.

However, these technological goods and services have their pros and cons too. It’s very important for nations to understand that their youth or future generations are the ones who will shape their future. Therefore, the way they manage and use this technology in their lives will decide their overall impact at a personal, professional and society level.

We must understand that effect of technology at this stage has been powerful than it was had been before especially when it comes to the life of a teenager. For them being social connected with the their family and friends is more important which not portrays their personality but their urge to be in connection with the other side of the world as to what is happening, they are not only focused on knowing as to what goes on but make sure to know the reasons behind these changes and what could be the possible changes to their actions.

Below I have described the major Impacts of Technology:



One of the major benefits of technology has been the internet which is fun and can be a great source of information and communication channel with people present anywhere in the world. It acts as an educational tool and it’s through the internet that education has been spread and shared to people and places where it was impossible. In today’s world individuals can easily reach billions of websites compassing information, knowledge in the shape of text, pictures, videos or both.

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However, one need to be careful about each thing or person has its darker side if misused. It’s very common for a teenager to get involved in explicit videos, drugs and be involved in online sexual practice. However here is a trick to hack your browser to block adult websites.

It’s very important for parents to monitor their kids that they are not involved in these ugly activities. If you don’t know how to monitor your kid then here we have listed Best Parental Control Software for Android 2016.

Online Education:


Another major advantage of technology has been the most influential of all i.e. education which helps one be self-discipline. It’s due to the online system which has helped the poor and those restricted by external factors in rural factors to enjoy the gain of being educated and remain inequality with the civilized society. The role of Technology in Education is a well-written article to help you understand how education and technology are related.

Students have potential gain from using Wi-Fi at their educational institutions to do research, create and complete assignments and projects. Also, they are able to utilize specific software which helps them complete projects.

At present, we can see that nearly all schools and educational institutions which make sure to be updated with the latest technology aims to provide students help through online learning environments (OLE).

The OLE resources include instructor help, technology support, online books, lectures, presentations, self-testing applications, multimedia activities, peer to peer support, self-testing applications, comprehensive reviews etc.

The Internet: A Job Search Tool:

internet-a-job-search-toolThe internet has also played a major source of advantage for job seekers to find their desired jobs and for businesses to select the best suitable candidates to handle their company’s business processes.

This has helped them cut down major HR expenses in finding and hiring the right candidate for their company and the internet has no doubt made it easier and faster for job seeker and businesses to connect on one platform.

The job seekers can easily apply to different types of jobs with the help of these various search engines i.e. Job bank, Workopolis, Monster, Craigslist etc. You can also make an Effective LinkedIn Profile Checklist and seek jobs.

The internet has not only made things easier by letting teenagers find jobs but has also helped nations eliminate unemployment for more jobs has led to safer and increased profits for the companies and the economies on the whole.

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Communication and Online Social Networking:


One of the major change that has taken place due to the internet has been the global communication that has been possible through social networking sites such as email, internet chatting messenger, hangout, yahoo etc., video conferring and free calls through Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber. Not to forget these services are available 24/7 due to its comprehensive usage and demand is not only present on the internet but it may be utilized and reached through smartphones and tablets too.

Individual each day spent an innumerable amount of time using these services which help share information in shapes of text, images, videos etc., also they can connect with their friends and family, and make new friends.

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Nonetheless, it’s very important for parents and teenager not to be addictive to these websites for this can harm them in physically (health) and emotionally (their state of mind) if they become obsessed.

Apart from the Impacts of Technology here are some of the Negative Effects of Technology:

  1. Lack of Social Skills:

This is the most common negative effects of technology that can be seen in all age groups. Social networking has caused us to meet less frequently face-to-face resulting in an absence of much needed social skills. We lose the ability to learn social cues and body language in other individuals.

  1. Poor Sleep Habits:

Another Major negative effects of technology among all is towards the effect they have on sleep habits. We get involved in online activities in so much depth, that our sleeping schedule get disturbed and also the constant stream of data can make it challenging to turn off our minds and sleep nicely. Also, the ambient glow from screens can impact the release of melatonin, the sleep chemical. Keeping technology out in the bedroom has to be a very healthy habit to obtain.

  1. Neck and Head Pain:

This effect need not include and tell you but I have included it in the list. Continuously looking down at devices may cause neck pain and also over time will result in the neck to forfeit its natural curve. Eyestrain may cause headaches, blurred vision, and migraines.

  1. Loneliness/Isolation:

Social isolation is seen as a lack of exposure to other people in normal daily life, like the office, with friends along with social activities. We isolate ourselves by walking in our own little world, paying attention to our iPods or checking the screen on the latest mobile device even if we are around other individuals. Studies have shown that men and women who are socially isolated will live shorter lives.

  1. Addiction:

In the today’s world, people are not only found dependent on technology they can be also dependent on it.  These are some who are addicted to technology to so much extent that you can compare the technology addiction with drug addiction.

  1. Obesity:

People are spending more of their time in games, conversing with friends on the web and watching videos on YouTube (here is a secret trick to Block unwanted ADS in YouTube using Simple Extension) and very few amount of their time exercising or doing some physical work.

  1. Depression:

Technology can also cause depression as we spend very little with humans and exercising our mind and body. This depression can be healed by self-controlling or by living a healthier lifestyle. As the depression caused by technology can’t be cured by visiting a doctor or eating pills. You are the one who has to control it.

  1. Increased Bullying:

By this, I mean that the kid can use the internet or technology for bullying as well. Bullies infiltrate the protection of their victims’ homes through online avenues. It is also quicker to get more kids linked to bullying because individuals are more likely to state things online how they wouldn’t say in the flesh. The increase in cyber-bullying has additionally led to an increase in teen suicides.

  1. Lack of Privacy:

With everyone providing their personal information on the internet there is an increase in the lack of privacy. With a few clicks of a keyboard, an average person can find anyone’s address and phone information. For those who have more knowledge of internet, they can access hack into your account by using phishing, viruses, and hacking allow you to find any information. You can remove your Number from Truecaller Database and protect your number from getting exposed.  Plus, individuals have no sense of privacy online. People also don’t reconsider tweeting every move they’ve created, giving freely out their location on Google Map and putting their life story on Facebook.

  1. Higher Level of Deceit:

Most people don’t search too deeply when conducting a search on people to check them out. By setting up a few false profiles, consumers are able to pretend to be whomever they really want and can trouble others as well. But we have already written an article on how to Identify Fake Facebook accounts. People are being “catfished (that is pretending to be someone else)”  especially on online dating sites. You could be actually talking to someone within the FBI’s top most wanted list and never realize it and soon you see them getting arrested for the news!

  1. Stress:

Constantly being “plugged in” and “connected” causes another layer of stress that wasn’t present prior to the overuse of technology.

  1. Phone Thumb:

Tendonitis within the thumb, a.k.a. Phone Thumb is really a form of repetitive strain injury caused by the continuous/frequent usage of thumbs to press buttons on cellular phones. The same injury is available from playing too many games.

  1. Lack of Social Boundaries:

Much within the same way men and women overshare on social media marketing sites, it comes with an increasing tendency to cross social boundaries. Cyberstalking someone or sending unsolicited nude photos are degrees of grossly crossing social boundaries.

  1. Lack of Sexual Boundaries:

With the easy access to the internet . At a much younger age teens can get exposure to sexual submissions. Sexting is another problem with technology is used at this sort of young age. There is no way in hell a female would have taken a nude photo of herself and handed it to your guy prior to a popularity of texting. Yet, making use of your phone to snap a rapid boob shot and texting it on your boyfriend appears to be no problem. If you wouldn’t print the image out and hand it to the guy, you then shouldn’t text it

  1. Shortening of Attention Span:

Constant news feeds, getting information in 140 characters and videos that happen to be 10 minutes or less has literally rewired our minds. We are getting distracted very easily. The utilization of social media has shortened our attention span from 12 minutes in order to 5 minutes. People who’re online about 5 hours each day have trouble remembering people’s names and in many cases their own birthday.

  1. Increase Violence:

After people lose empathy and therefore are accustomed to violence, it gets the social norm. Teenage girls are videoing themselves violently beating another girl; a number of school shootings are rising and videos of an individual attacking homeless individuals are a few types of violent behavior attributable to media.

  1. Higher Energy Consumption:

Although individual products are becoming more energy-efficient, the improved overall use is causing a higher use of energy. People don’t turn their devices off; they keep computers on or plugged in, cellular devices charging and televisions plugged in. Also manufacturing most of these high tech toys causes an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Loss of Eyesight and Hearing:

Using headphones and ear buds could cause people to reduce their hearing after some time. Likewise, straining your vision looking at computer and device screens might cause people to need glasses much earlier in daily life.

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In conclusion, one could just say technology at all its stages and generation will have its advantages and disadvantages but it depends on the maturity of the youth as to how they plan to utilize technology products, services, and application in the best possible way to the best of their knowledge.

If you have some thoughts to share on positive or negative effects on technology then feel free to comment below.