Success Stories in AWOL Academy by Keala Kanae Through 101 Coaching

In this review of AWOL Academy, you will find all the information about this money making training course so that you will discover it for yourself,  whether you think it is the best route, and if AWOL is worth your money and time.

What’s AWOL Academy?

Let us get started by knowing what’s AWOL Academy? AWOL Academy is the online training network by Kaela Kanae who teaches his students to start the affiliate marketing business by using Facebook ads and other PPC advertising and drives more traffic to the landing pages and where you can collect the email addresses as well as promote offers by using the email marketing. AWOL provides gives students an option to promote the AWOL Academy as an affiliate. In nutshell, Keala Kameron says that the courses and their mentorship can help somebody who is just starting out, or engaged in online marketing, to earn money online.

AWOL Pro Academy

Pro Academy course that costs around $99, gives a good introduction about Internet marketing. Inside you get four training modules of 25 videos. Also, you have a coaching call. The course is made for the newbies and introduces the concept of sale funnels as the customer acquisition tactic.

  • GetResponse- email autoresponder
  • ClickMagic- customer tracking system that is very useful for the ad tactics such as retargeting.
  • LeadPages- for creating landing pages
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Inbox Academy

Next course is Inbox Academy. The course gives set of some “secret” strategies that will not just help to create your email list, but also get this list to open and accept offers that you email. These secret strategies supposedly are what the top email marketer utilizes.

Conversion Academy

This thousand dollar course gives “coveted conversion secrets” to get customers on what you would like them to do- and which is buying your services or products. Conversion Academy heavily focuses on the art & science of the good content generation, which includes content like presentations, images, and videos.

Traffic Academy

The course focuses on producing targeted traffic through social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. The 5 training modules will cover the traffic generation by using these 3 platforms and give formulas on estimating if your ad spend has achieved the high enough conversion or not.

Masters Academy

The course is at $5,500 and is for the online marketers who are making money on the internet and want to increase their earnings online and leverage more efforts. Thus, Masters Academy will focus less on step-by-step procedures to set up the website and creating the email list or the bigger picture of online marketing. The concepts like outsourcing, evergreen products, automation, project management, etc., are been delved in meticulous detail.

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There are further 3 sections in the course:

  1. First Section is about Mindset Hacks.
  2. Second Section is about Wealth Strategies.
  3. Third Section is about Solopreneur to CEO.

One way this course will help you look at the long-term money making strategies is getting the top marketers involved as well as offering their techniques and advice.

AWOL Elite

For internet marketers who would like to go in and take some weekly webinars given by Keala Kameron, then AWOL Elite is a program they must buy. Here you will not just get weekly two hours of long webinars, but you also get the personalized mentorship by Keala Kameron’s Facebook group & forum. Besides this, you get other products as well. Now let’s take a look at some pros & cons that will come with being the member of this amazing money making training course.


  • Has a 3B Rating
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Simple to understand and Step by Step instructions
  • Reaches different levels of the marketing experience
  • Best customer and technical support
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Made for various experience levels
  • Direct access to owners (with a price)
  • There are people who are having success with the program
  • Get 3% of referrals commissions


  • Based on MLM design
  • Quite expensive
  • Focuses on recruiting others and not enough training
  • Need to buy some additional tools for getting a complete training effect
  • Just 30% of commission rate
  • Access to the training costs around $9,997.00
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Final Words

AWOL Academy isn’t the scam, and you can find in-depth online marketing training for half the price. Suppose your research on internet diligently, then you can find web marketers who share the knowledge without any charge. It provides the comprehensive training for the beginners, but you need to pay a huge price for this, but AWOL is worth your investment.