6 Smart Tricks to Boost Up Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

When you think about social media marketing, the first thing on your mind is probably Facebook or Instagram. What you don’t know is that with almost 5 billion watched videos every single day, Youtube represents a genuine social media giant.

That is why successful companies dedicate a lot of time and efforts to develop Youtube marketing strategies. If you don’t want to lose the race with market leaders, we suggest you do the same thing.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Here are 6 smart tricks to boost up your Youtube marketing strategy.

1.     A Well-Executed Keyword Analysis

Although Youtube is the video-sharing website, it still follows pretty much the same principles of search engine optimization as other networks. For this reason, it is crucial to plan and execute your keyword analysis perfectly. This is what you need to do:

  • Look for keywords that answer niche-related questions from users who need new information.
  • AdWords Display Planner is a tool that will help you to write a keyword-rich video description.
  • Focus on words and phrases that describe your products, services, or needs of the relevant audience.
  • Stick to keywords that accumulate lots of monthly impressions (preferably more than 1,000).
  • Test keywords by investing a small advertising budget for each one.
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2.     Eye-Catching Thumbnails

If you are not a full-time spaceship astronaut and part-time Youtube marketer, you will hardly be the only one trying to grab the attention of video seekers. On the contrary, you will probably face at least a few more clips that talk about the same topic. But how do you compete with them?

According to Bobbie Cephas, a digital marketing expert at UK Best Essays, the answer is easy: “You just need an eye-catching thumbnail. Thumbnail images must do 2 things: reveal video quality and draw users’ attention. If you can’t find such thumbnail in your video, you can upload a custom image”.

When you add new videos, you will see the “custom thumbnail” box. Choosing this option, you can upload random images or change old and obsolete thumbnails from earlier posts. In terms of quality, you should respect a few technical requirements:

  • Don’t upload large photos. Image size should be 2 MB or less.
  • High resolution is mandatory. Try to keep it at 1280×720.
  • The usual formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.
  • Stick to 16:9 aspect ratio.

3.     Channel Optimization

As an average user, you might think that people don’t care about Youtube channels. But that’s a major mistake because your channel could help you to drive traffic and obtain valuable leads. The following tactics will do well on your channel:

  • Write a captivating channel page copy to tell users about your mission, values, goals, and products.
  • Always include URLs to other social media accounts and websites. It’s a great way to cross-promote the business.
  • Organize your page and don’t burden it with too many videos at once.
  • Add a company logo and include CTA buttons to inspire potential customers to engage.
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4.     Did We Mention CTAs?

Calls to action are so important that they deserve a paragraph of their own. Even the youngest Youtube video creators know that they need to add invites such as “Please subscribe – comment – like this video”.

They do it because they have 4 basic objectives in mind:

  • To invite users to make comments.
  • To earn new channel subscriptions.
  • To get more shares and likes.
  • To inspire people to watch other videos from the same channel.

Most Youtube gurus invite viewers directly to take action and do one of the things we mentioned above. However, some of them add landing page URLs, share buttons, and other CTA features to video descriptions. We suggest you do both to maximize the potential of CTAs.

5.     Cross-Channel Promotion

Each channel of promotion is important, but working together they will generate the best results. For instance, you should copy Youtube video links to your emails and compile the most viewed clips into a special email newsletter.

Besides that, you should share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to boost user engagement on each one of these platforms. Don’t forget to establish strong relations with other Youtube influencers.

Choose professionals from similar but not competing businesses and collaborate with them. You can find influencers conducting a simple Youtube search, but you can also utilize online tools to find the perfect match.

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6.     Focus On Viewers Engagement

You may create the most amusing videos on Youtube, but it’s useless if you don’t motive viewers to engage. Engagement is the sign that people enjoy watching your clips and following the brand in general. Here’s how to make them agiler:

  • If you want them to talk about your posts, you need to talk back and engage yourself. Communication should be a two-way process, so make sure to play your role.
  • Follow user demand and shoot videos they asked you to make. This is a good option because you don’t have to worry about the attractiveness of topics – they asked for it.
  • Follow back your followers to show appreciation.
  • Establish cooperation with fellow Youtube channels.


Everybody talks about how quality content is essential for successful Youtube marketing. While this is true, there are many more factors that influence the popularity of your channel. Following our suggestions, you get the opportunity to maximize the potential of your Youtube marketing strategy, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Have you go any Youtube marketing Strategy that you use to get more views or subscribers, then do share with us by commenting below.