Saturday, September 30, 2023
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how to use keyboard as Mouse

Windows OS has an Inbuilt option Called MouseKeys, Not known by many people which  when  turn on enables users to move the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad on your keyboard...

In-depth look at the unique features of Amazon’s upcoming Smartphones.

Amazon is one of the world's most recognizable brands. The company has built up enough reputation that people pay attention to their announcements, and new products are met with positive reactions. After so...

How to Hide drives (c:,d:,e:,etc) of your Computer!!

You must have heard of hiding a windows folder in windows but have you ever heard of hiding the entire hard drive if not so here is an easy trick by...

How Hackers hack Facebook Account and How to stop them?

Since Facebook is the most popular social networking website with more than 500 million active users, therefore many hackers/crackers wants to involve in hacking Facebook accounts of users.  This article outlines, how hackers hack your account...

Are you affected by “HeartBleed”???

Heartbleed,discovered by Finnish security firm Codenomicon,along with Google Inc,researcher who was working seperatly ,affects around two thirds of prominent websites on the www. What is Heartbleed ? Heartbleed affects one of the widely...

How to Change Facebook Theme, Color & Appearance!

Tired of using default blue theme of Facebook.So am i,but i have found a really simple method to get rid of this blue theme ...With this simple trick you can change...

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