Meizu M2 and Phicomm Passion P660 Comparison

Shopping for a powerful budget phone? Well it’s time to go above and beyond the likes of Samsung, HTC, and LG.We all know these phones are good, but these days, Chinese OEMs are creating serious temptation by offering low-priced phones with an incredible set of specs. In India, the domination of Chinese OEMs was restricted only up to Xiaomi and Lenovo, but in last one year, the scenario has changed completely. And now, we have a lot of options to count on.

Few days back, Chinese smartphone vendor Meizu unveiled a new 4G phone at Rs. 6,999. Dubbed as Meizu m2, the new handset offers an enticing package of specs, and looksgood enough to take on the likes of Xiaomi and Lenovo. But as we said, the competition is not just limited to renowned budget players.Phicomm’sPassion 660 is a tough competitor standing against Meizu m2. The device has received a huge price cut recently, and is now coming at the same price tag of Meizu m2.

Meizu M2 and Phicomm Passion P66

So, in case you’re puzzled in picking any of these phones, check out our detailed comparison to know more about them.


The new Meizu m2, at the first place, features a very impressive molded unibodydesign crafted from proficiently polycarbonate. It weighs just around 131 grams, gives a great grip, and looks stunning from all angles.The sleek profile of this handset makes it comfortable enough to hold in one hand and carry around from one place to another.Meizu touts this phone as the classiest budget phone, and highlights the advantage of its uncompromising manufacturing technology. The m2 features polished R-angle curves and fits in your hand perfectly.

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On the other hand, Phicomm Passion 660 features unibody design with an all-metal Magnesium alloy frame, solid outer casing, and a seamless back-cover.It’s one of the thinnest and lightest budget phones, and can be carried comfortably from one place to another. In fact, to be specific, Passion 660 tips on the scale at 7.3mm and weighs only 110 grams. It strong frame and sleek minimalism is reallyimpressive.

Display Quality

For movie-buffs, Phicomm Passion 660 and Meizu m2 both create a rich experience by delivering bright, vibrant and crisp visuals. Both phones are quite impressive, but the high-res display of Passion 660 is far better than what you’ve been expecting.The powerful Passion 660 flaunts a full-HD IPS display of 5-inches, while Meizu m2 comes with a decent 5-inch display but with 720p resolution. So, if you’ll into fine details, added pixels on Phicomm Passion P660 will certainly make a difference. It features striking details with vivid colors and better contrasts.

Hardware and Performance

The hardware equipped with Phicomm Passion P660 and Meizu m2 is also quite impressive. Both phones power up by processors belonging to different families and create an ideal ecosystem for non-stop work and play. Meizu m2 features a quad-core MediaTek MT6735 chip clocked at 1.3GHz, while Phicomm Passion 660 houses an octa-core Snapdragon 615 chip clocked at 1.5GHz. Both phones pair up with 2GB of RAM, and deliver extremely powerful and blazing performance while running heavy games or multiple apps

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OS and interface

Here comes the biggest difference. Both phones showcase their own custom skins, but Meizu m2 outshines Passion 660 by featuring Android 5.1-based Flyme OS 4.5 with a new set of features and functions.The interface of this device features less pre-installed apps, and is a whole lot better than Android 4.4.4-based Expect UI packed with Phicomm Passion 660. The vivid colors and flat design elementsof Expect UI are quite good, but when Android 6.0 marshmallow is about roll in couple of months, who wants to go back into the days of Android 4.4 KitKat?


Phicomm Passion 660 and Meizu m2 both feature the same 13-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front-facing shooter with a small change in genetics. The rear camera packed with Meizu m2 comes with f/2.2 aperture, 5-element HD lens, and Samsung CMOS sensor, while Passion 660 boasts a 5-element lens combined with Sony ExmorIMX214 sensor and LED flash.The front-facing snappers of both phones capture superb selfies with wide-viewing angles.

Internal and External Storage

The new Passion P660 and Meizu m2 feature 16GB of on-board storage, and offer additional support for expandability via micro-SD card. They offer enough space for standard usage, but heavy users might just want to take side with Meizu m2.The device supportsexpandable storage up to 128 gigs, and is far better than P660 offering support only up to 64 gigs. However, the downside is, on using micro-SD card, Meizu m2 loses its dual-SIM capabilities as its hybrid primary SIM card slot has to be used for inserting micro-SD card.

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Phicomm Passion P660 and Meizu m2 both offer standard connectivity including Wi-Fi, 3G HSPA+, GPRS/EDGE, A-GPS and micro-USB 2.0. They both support 4G on both SIMs, and promise high-speed internet access to keep you connected always on-the go.Added to this, Passion P660 includes advancedpedometer and gesture control technologies offering enhanced mobile experience to the users.

Battery Performance

Even in terms of power-efficiency there is no big difference between Meizu m2 and Phicomm Passion P660. The latest beauty from Meizu features a massive 2500mAh battery optimized for its Flyme OS 4.5, while Passion P660 houses a slightly small 2300mAh battery. Both phones offer sufficient backup for uninterrupted usage, and create an ideal ecosystem for those who’re always on the move.

Final Verdict

Considering this face-off, we’ll say, both phones have some major positives and negatives. Phicomm Passion P660 offers a better display but runs on an older version of Android, while Meizu m2 has a weaker display and processor but brings the sweetest Android 5.1 Lollipop with a longer battery life.If it comes to down to selecting any one from this duo,we’ll suggest Meizu m2,despite its downfalls. The phone looks extremely impressive, and can comfortably deliver prolific user-experience with minimal lags or issues. It’s a nice choice for an ideal budget phone at this price bracket.