How NOT to do SEO- Common SEO Myths busted

Launching a business online is not as easy as pie. It involves unlimited hours of practice and execution to make it successful. To move ahead in the positive direction, you need to plan your SEO efforts effectively. The correct use of SEO will help your pages stay on top of searches. But there are certian SEO Myths that needs to be busted!!

There might be some sellers who feel SEO is hard to deal with. The continuous evolving updates make it cumbersome for website owners to adapt.SEO myths

We have listed down some of the common SEO myths that you need to be aware of for succeeding in the long run.

Greater Links= Better SEO

Greater Links= Better SEO

Among all the SEO Myths this one is the most believed. Do not run for numbers, instead run for quality. It is advisable to target only those links that are useful to your industry. Links that are low in quality are not only irrelevant to the business objective but can also damage your rankings. The use of spammy links makes your business look fake and unauthorized to Google. If you got a number of links but are broken then learn to Fix Broken Links in WordPress with Broken Link Checker.

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Start using keyword strategies that are in trend. Also, you can consider the creation of social media buzz. It will definitely skyrocket your stats.

A Great Business Comes With Better Ranking

better ranking

A good business comes only from great UI and an engaging content. Google authorizes and passes only those websites that have a unique content to portray. Start a Google page for your business and link it to your shop. Businesses should focus on UI, UX, and an interactive content to generate better leads. So, if you want your website to do better business, it is recommended to have an interactive content.

Being On Social Media Means Better SEO

Social Media Means Better SEO

Having a presence on social media is the need of the hour. However, it is a myth that client interaction on social media pages may earn good impression and not a great business. Both SEO and SMO are entirely two different things. There is no mix and match.

Here are some articles that will help you improve your social ranking and presence:

To make your efforts successful, you need a catchy headline that attracts eyeballs and also has a keyword that makes your website appear on search engines. This will earn your business better results on both networking channels. All you need to understand is planning the social media activities in the right way.

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SEO Comes After Design

SEO Comes After Design

SEO will do wonders for your business if it is kept in sync with the design process. An effective content presentation, standard accessibility practices, and informational architecture are the pillars of strong SEO. Ignoring any of these might result into reworking on the existing website.

Use of Google Ads Displays You On The Map

Use of Google Ads Displays You On The Map

There are many sellers who do not have sufficient money to advertise their website and they consider it as an extremely serious situation. However, this is completely a myth among all the SEO Myths. Undoubtedly, ads get you a better exposure but there is no certainty about good ratings. There are many SEO professionals who avoid PPC ads because they truly understand the difference between sponsored post and an organic one. Therefore, you should stop considering paid ads for quick conversions.

Breadcrumb Navigation Helps

Breadcrumb Navigation Helps

Breadcrumb navigation is a great practice for helping users locate their way to the stores. However, this technique should not be applied for all SEO purposes strictly. Breadcrumb navigation that is keyword-stuffed looks very disorganized and ugly. Sometimes, it appears a foolish act because it misguides the users. It is suggested not to overdo breadcrumbs.

  • Adding breadcrumbs in the page <title> should be avoided. It looks lengthy and not targeted.
  • Breadcrumbs should not be used as the primary navigators of your website because navigation goes in the horizontal direction and the website is listed vertically.
  • The last page also should not be linked for breadcrumb navigation.
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Black Hat SEO Techniques Are Useful

Black Hat SEO Techniques

This is a very bad idea. Black Hat SEO techniques work as a spamming strategy and do not ensure your success in the long run. This is extremely unsafe for your business. There are some keywords hidden in the text. They entirely transform a web page after it attains good ranking. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for SEO techniques as a long-term strategy. However, if you are looking for quick results, it is advisable to opt for paid campaigns.

Ending Notes!

To succeed ahead in the race, online merchants must choose usability over profit. User experience is something Google fascinates with and even you should. If people are spending more time on your website and not going back to the search page, it means you have done well. Both SEO and website creation must go hand in hand. After understanding the SEO myths listed above, you will be able to deliver a website that converts prospects easily into clients.