How Students Can Start A WordPress Blog?

Blogging is becoming one of the most popular platform for creating, publishing and sharing content online. Today there are millions of blogs on the web which are running successfully. People usually maintain their blogs for sharing their knowledge and experiences. Nowadays students can also start their own WordPress blogs very easily and that too in almost an hour.

WordPress is basically a great product and a free personal blogging platform. Students can easily start a WordPress blog because it’s very easy, powerful, flexible and fast to use. WordPress comes with a superb set of features which are designed to make your blogging experience pleasant especially in the case of students. So, WordPress is an ideal tool to start WordPress blog website students…With WordPress you can easily publish and edit your posts and sort your articles in the desired categories.

On the other hand, blogging can become a very useful tool for education for students. This can also encourage students to use their power of knowledge with the whole world. But one of the most important things to be kept in mind while starting your blog is an investment of you’re your time as it takes time to regularly update your blog with new thoughts and knowledge.

start wordpress blog website students

If you are a teacher, then you can also start a class blog which will help various students to share their thoughts and ideas with others also and with this, you will also have a complete control of publishing your ideas on the web. Simultaneously, with this practice you can also start encouraging different students to share their comments and posts and those who have some valuable material to share can eventually start their own blog. Therefore, a class is also very much valuable for students who have something to share with the others. This will also give a boost to their friends and peer groups to share their thoughts and knowledge with others.

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So, below mentioned are some easy steps by which students can easily start their WordPress blog:

Choose your blogging platform and get registered with it

wordpress or Blogger

The first and the most important step in starting a blog by a student is to choose a blogging platform and for this WordPress is the best one. Basically, WordPress is the most commonly used blogging platforms in the world. It also provides free service with which you can literally start blogging in almost 15 minutes.

For starting, just go to the WordPress and simply click on the sign-up button. After that, type your blog address and choose a username and password. Now write your email address which is associated with your account, select language and click on create a blog. Lastly, just check your email address and click on the link for registration. You are done and your account is active now.

Here are some articles that you may find useful while choosing your blogging platform:

Selecting Domain name

Choosing an appropriate URL and blog name for your blog is very important because it will directly help your readers to find you on the web. Therefore, when you sign up with the free service of WordPress, you need to choose a proper URL which suits your blog the best. Try to make it short and easy to remember. Many students simply use their names in this case, but you have to keep in mind that it is not necessary that you need to have the same name as that of your blog. Just make it recognizable and relevant.

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On the other hand, you can easily change the name of your blog anytime you want by just going into settings-site title and click on save button. In a blog, a dashboard is a place where you will manage your blog, post comments and configure users.

Select a theme for your blog

Selecting right theme

Now this is the other important step for a student to start its WordPress blog which includes selection of a perfect theme. Basically, WordPress has a huge variety of themes from which you can choose one for your blog. Now, for selecting a theme just click on the appearance option on the WordPress and select themes. After this just browse through the WordPress theme library and once you find the one which suits your blog the best, just click on that and after that click on save button. The basic design of your new blog is now ready.

Here are some articles that you may find useful while WordPress theme:

Add some useful widgets to your blog

selecting widgets

After selecting a theme for your blog just choose some useful widgets for your blog which will help you in your work. Widgets are basically plugins which enhance the functionality and design of your blog. By choosing widgets you are also choosing the things your readers want to see or read by putting them right in front of the eyes of your viewers. Some of the most commonly used widgets are email subscription, archives, Facebook box, categories and many more.

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On the other hand, you can also add a meta box to your blog which will make your log in very easy. You can easily add widgets by just going to the appearance tab and after that select widget. Once you are done with the selection of widgets of your choice just drag them with your mouse to the list of your blogs. This will enhance the beauty of your blog. You can easily change the position of your widgets anytime you want.

Here are some tips you should Know:

  1. Create and publish your first post now

Adding your first post

You are almost done now. It’s time to create and publish your first post now. Creating and publishing a post in WordPress is now as simple as writing a document in Microsoft word. Simply go to the posts option in WordPress and click on add new and start writing. After that, just enter a title and the content of your post as it will help to identify it on the web. Once you are done with your writing part just click on the publish button and your blog will automatically go live.

Therefore, you are an official blogger now, and congratulations for your first blog as a student.

After creating the Blog you may wish to submit your website to various search engines and increase your traffic . Here are some articles that may come handy:

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