Top Web Developer Tools every Developer should be using in 2016

There are plenty of tools a web developer can rely on. But, which ones are you supposed to choose? Which are the Best Web Developer Tools? They come in many different forms and they serve different functions. You couldn’t possibly use all of them, but you still want to try as many as possible.

Web Developer tools

Well, let’s check out some must-have tools that will help you achieve better design and be more productive in your work. So, here are the list of Best Web Developer Tools that you should be using:

Play Framework

play framework

VISIT: Play Framework

Play Framework is one of the best Web Developer Tools for building web applications with Scala and Java. You only need a browser and text editor to start exploring its user-friendly features. The tool is based on stateless, lightweight, and web-friendly architecture, and it provides minimal consumption of memory, CPU, and threads. Play Framework enables you to develop a mobile-responsive design, and it’s also suitable for building apps.

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Color Thief

Color Thief

VISIT: Color Thief

With this cool tool, you can upload any image and grab its color palette. When you understand its dominant color and the entire palette, it will be easier for you to build a visually cohesive design around it.

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This is a font for quick mockups and wireframing. It gives you and your client an idea of what the final design will look like when you implement content within it. Since everyone is bored with Lorem Ipsum, BLOKK comes as a nice alternative – it leaves blank colored blocks where the text is supposed to be.



If you were looking for a tool that enables you to create awesome prototypes that give you a feel of the real thing, is the right one. It handles animations and touch gestures, as well as the sharing and commenting features. You will get a realistic presentation of the design, so you’ll be able to keep improving your ideas until you achieve the perfect result.



VISIT: ByPeople

This site is a great source of useful graphic freebies, plugins, and code snippets. The repository is constantly being updated, so you can easily find beautiful designs that fit into your website. You can download entire bundles of graphic freebies composed in editable format files.


Bug Muncher

VISIT: BugMuncher

When you present the current stage of design to your clients, they will probably have some remarks and suggestions. Regardless of the amount of testing you do, the design will always be criticized for based on personal preferences, and bugs may be present on it. Instead of going back and forth with emails, you can use this tool with your clients. It takes a screenshot of the website with the highlighted problem, and it reports it to you.

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The tool automatically captures the type and version of the users’ browser and operating system, as well as the plugins they have installed.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC


VISIT: Adobe Dreamweaver CC

If you still haven’t explored the full potential of this design tool, it’s time to devote some time to it. This is a complete toolset for web designers, which lets them create, code, and manage visually-perfect websites on screens of any size. Adobe Dreamweaver CC is one of the best Web Developer Tools. Although the board is a bit confusing, you’ll learn how to get around it with some practice.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC offers visual aids that help you create responsive sites, which you’ll preview in real time on different devices.



VISIT: AussiEssay

Web developers are mostly concerned about the design and functionality of their sites. There is one aspect they often neglect: the quality of content. The team of developers usually outsources this task to freelancers, which may be a mistake.

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What you need is a professional writer, who’s been educated and qualified to write the exact type of content you need. Plus, you will benefit from expert editors who will make sure there are no embarrassing mistakes in the content. AussiEssay is the perfect service that teams you up with reliable authors and editors.

Pingdom Website Speed test

VISIT: Pingdom Website Speed Test

This is a simple tool that tests the load time of a page and enables you to analyze it and find the points of congestion. The analysis is very informative, so they will definitely help you improve the design in terms of efficiency. Pingdom website speed test should find its place in every Web Developer Tools set!

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VISIT: Monit

This is a fantastic tool that lets you monitor the server and recover from errors. It conducts automatic maintenance and repair, so it will send warning messages whenever you need to act quickly. You can use Monit to monitor programs running on localhost and check for occurring changes.

The tool will monitor the network connection to servers, and it will allow you to test scripts and programs. In addition, the tool can monitor the general system resources on localhosts, such as overall CPU usage, load average, and memory.




PostgreSQL is an ultimate open source object-relational database management system (DBMS) developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. It can handle workloads ranging from small single-machine applications to large Internet-facing applications with many concurrent users.

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Needless to say, a web developer won’t stay limited to the 10 tools suggested above. However, they are a nice starting point that will add a new appeal to your techniques. Check them out and tell us what you think!