5 Ingenious Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

Putting yourself out there really isn’t what it used to be once. As the Internet is continuing to grow as a power player in marketing (and not only), more and more people decide that it might actually be a good idea to rely on it as a branding system and Improve Your Online Presence. Around ten years ago, with the information you will acquire today, you would have been at the top of Mount Everest in terms of exposure. Now, quite literally millions of people are attempting the same thing. The more people battle for it, the more difficult it is to have an imposing online presence.

So, what is it that you can do? Before diving into any specifics, adaptability is a term that should never leave your personal glossary. Social media algorithms and search engines continue to rapidly change. If you can’t keep up with the pace, you’ll undoubtedly be left behind. In this sense, you have little to no control over these trends. What you can control, however, is the content on your website and how well you market it.

Improve Your Online Presence

But is there really a proper way to rapidly Improve Your Online Presence? We wouldn’t necessarily call it a speedy process, no, but with enough patience (and even some luck), you’ll actually be able to establish yourself. Of course, your main focus should be how to improve your SEO to boost up traffic realistically. This is easier said than done because the Internet is no longer limited to just a few giant websites and some obscure ones no one really pays attention to. You need eyes everywhere, which brings us to the first point of this article.

Some of the useful ways to Improve Your Online Presence are:

#1 Expand On Social Media


Social media and how well you manage it are the key to building an online presence. The reason lies in the very name of the platforms, the key word being “social.” Any kind of platform that manages to gather so many people in one place is the equivalent of flinging around a banner advertising your company in the middle of Times Square.

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But speaking of your brand – don’t lose sight of it. That sounds obvious, but really don’t lose sight of it. In fact, plaster it all over the Internet. Whatever kind of social media account you can make with the name of your brand, do it. Whatever domain you can grab with it, don’t be afraid to do it. This way, people will be able to find you if they so desire even when there isn’t a direct link or button to that page.  If you don’t know where to start, here is an article to help you become a Social Media Tycoon.

And on that note, don’t forget to add these share buttons. All in all, there are too many platforms floating around to be able to whip out accounts for all of them. At least, this isn’t a task that can be easily achieved manually, so it’s much more preferred to make use of tools you can find online that can arrange hundreds of profiles for you.

#2 Make A Gravatar

make-a-gravatarWell, this sounds odd. Is this some odd mutated love child of gravy and avatars? It does have a lot to do with avatars, less so with gravy. Most of the blogs and websites nowadays operate on very similar formulas. If it’s not WordPress, it’s something that’s similar to it. In other words, if you learn how to operate one, you can get the list of operating all of them. Before you get started with blogging I have you to go through some of the disadvantages of Blogging! or if you are determined enough to start a blog then here is an interesting article on How Students Can Start A WordPress Blog?

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This comes particularly in handy when it’s time to boost up your online interactions and build up a reputation. And what’s the best way to do it? Through the comment section, of course. Luckily, not all comment sections are plagued by the YouTube syndrome of being reserved nearly solely for heated arguments and name-calling. People actually drop pieces of constructive criticism there!

Through Gravatar, you can opt for one single image to show up across a multitude of comment sections from different websites. If there are people that navigate more of the blogs you’ve visited and interacted with, they will surely remember you by your avatar. After all, people associate imagery a lot better than text.

#3 Expose through Video

make-a-videoIn order to stand out from the ocean of competitors, adaptability is key (as we’ve established). This naturally includes adaptability to the constant and rapid changes in technology. Being able to make use of the new tools that are out there on the market definitely adds some credibility points to your portfolio.

And if there is one platform out there that actually manages to outweigh a ton of the social media we need so desperately, that’s YouTube. Posting videos on YouTube have become as much of a business as blogging, so it’s no coincidence that these two can be interlinked so smoothly. There are many ways through which you can turn YouTube into an advantage: add videos to your blog for viewer entertainment, make creative ads and post them right on YouTube, or even simply make a presentation that you can slap on your front page.

#4 Watch the Numbers

keep-an-eye-on-numbersData and calculations may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but they’re a necessary evil. Without paying attention to the numbers attached to your brand, you won’t be able to tell whether your online presence has gotten any better. This “tracking” we’re talking about can be something as plain as taking note of the fluctuations in followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook. But beware, don’t send random requests on facebook as there is always a risk of privacy while using social media .You can Identify Fake Facebook accounts easily and stay protected! Alternatively, it’s time to use tools if you want to dive into advanced techniques.

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What kind of tools? They don’t need to be related solely to gathering data on your followers. They can gather information on traffic, on trends, on most visited pages, on average time spent, etc. In fact, one of the most useful tools in your asset is the one measuring trends. This brings us to…

#5 Stay Fresh and Updated

stay-updatedThere are several great tools and software that take the temperature of the trends circulating the Internet and break them down into keywords and websites that are currently peaking in that area. By using these tools, you’ll make sure to stay in the loop of events and be constantly updated on what’s the hottest topic at the moment and what is being written about it.

Keep a watchful eye on changes to Google’s algorithm, be wary of policies on social media, try not to skip over terms and services. It all requires quite a lot of management on your part if you really want it to work, but it’s all worth it in the end. These days, even a tiny slip up can make your life so much harder. And we definitely don’t want that.

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Although some of these tips may be a bit non-conventional, don’t skim over the traditional online presence building methods. SEO should be a constant in your repertoire, and the main thing you need to abide by is that an online presence also needs to be maintained, not just built.

Don’t forget to share your own way that helps you to improve Your Online Presence via commenting below. Also do share this article with others and let them know the importance of Online Presence!