10 unique Search Engine Optimization Tips to 3X your traffic

Today I believe the entire world has shifted on the internet. From cars to clothing and machinery to household appliances, you can view and buy anything and everything online. The Internet has indeed transformed the dynamics of business markets, making e-commerce ventures successful. We see millions of people now opting for Amazon instead of Wall mart and that is why the big stores had to shut down their operations in some parts of the world where losses were eating them like a plague. In short, a booming business online is a direct result of an optimized website or a platform that is ranked high by search engines. E-commerce websites involved in direct selling of products make sure they use the most effective online strategy in order to out-do their competitors.

In order to optimize your website on search engine and get pools of traffic one needs to act smart and wise. As there is enormous competition online and with everybody struggling to stay on the first page of Google search, there are few tips and techniques that will never disappoint you.

Let’s have a look some Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks to rank first on Google and increase your Traffic:

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization Tip 1:

When playing with anchor links make sure you compose the wording in the anchor that contains keywords relevant to the destination page. Many people use anchor text with words here and there etc. it is important that unnecessary words are avoided to the maximum.

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Search Engine Optimization Tip 2:

Image optimization is very essential. Just make sure that you create alt tags and write a description in the tag. Also when it comes to URLS, the title tag needs to be emotional but not the URL.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 3:

Writing a good Meta description is very necessary. Google gives tips on how to create good Meta descriptions.  For example, it is essential that they are descriptive and loaded with keywords. Also, they shall be different for each page. Google limits Meta descriptions to 160 characters which mean your descriptions should make maximum sense in minimum words. Having a Google+ account is a major factor that decides for the ranking success of your website. You can easily appear in searches when people are looking for a particular tag .

Search Engine Optimization Tip 4:

Your website shall involve a proper Web design. It is one latest trend in SEO world which helps increase ranking. For a good design, you shall firstly clear off all the clutter in the sidebar as it most likely drives a person away which is taken in by Google as Bounce rate. Too many ads will also reduce the overall traffic that arrives on your page.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 5:

Becoming a social media tycoon will reap your many benefits. Many SEO experts agree that social signals on the page level highly influence the search results. So it is vital that you make the share buttons on your page quite visible. You can ask your readers to share the content, you can use Facebook sponsored stories, bribe your followers and use sponsored tweets. While you are doing this all please keep in mind that high-quality content shall be the number 1 goal. Here are some of the Tools to make a post go Viral on Social Media.

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Search Engine Optimization Tip 6:

Getting links will always keep your rankings high and stable. You can use guest posting for this matter. So far the best way is to get back links. Guest posting involves requesting reputable sites to publish your content and then at the end of your post they can give a link to your website. Usually, many websites insert the link in author biography. If you haven’t tried this method you give it a shot and you shall not regret.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 7:

Another key factor that shall not be missed out, in any case, is a SiteMap. You shall build a site map page and place a link to the map on every page of your website. This will make sure that a search engine crawler easily gets to navigate your website and hence one of the most important Search Engine Optimization Tips among all. Don’t think that making a site map is one difficult task, it is extremely simple. All you need to do is compile a list of all links the web pages and organize them on a single page. Of course, you can always exclude links of pages that are still under construction and you don’t want search engines to catalog them. Creating a sitemap is not sufficient you need  to Submit Sitemap to Bing and Boost Your Traffic and Submit Sitemap to Bing and Boost Your Traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization Tip 8:

You can always include videos in your web content. Not only will they keep your audience engaged but by using enough videos you can improve ranking of your page on the SERPs. According to a reliable resource, videos are capable of getting 50 times better organic page ranks in Google against plain text results.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 9:

Make sure you tell Google your location! Yes referring to local SEO, the importance is escalating eventually. You shall tell the search engine your location so that your chances of showing up on relevant pages In front of relevant audiences increase. So if you get yourself listed in local pages it will increase consumer engagement and rank likewise.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 10:

Try updating content on regular basis. There are many websites that could not enjoy a high stable ranking because their content became stale and viewers are always looking for fresh and updated stuff. If you have an e-commerce website try adding new products, customer testimonials, and feedbacks on the regular basis. Also regularly updating content will attract Search engine spiders to index web pages frequently.

Wrapping it up, there are a billion ways in which you can optimize your website. The rule is just simple, you need to ensure your online presence using all platforms and you will soon see the results. There is, however, no shortcut which many people use and soon are thrown out of the online community. Search engines are not fools; they have like come across a billion spammers and know how to treat them. So why to take risks and follow the bad track, just keep your efforts high and play smart and your keywords will rank gradually and will stay stable.

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